My 2016 Coaching and Mentoring Program

Starting on 1-11-16, I’m leading a three month mission to a very awesome and happy place. I only lead this mission once every five years because it takes commitment, resolve, and a ton of heart to get there. This is how you make those New Years Resolutions that actually STICK!

MY NEW BOOK – Happy is the New Healthy


“Whether I’m performing in front of thousands or deep in parent zombie mode, I turn to Dave’s awesome advice for living fully and enjoy the moments that matter most!” – Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

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Top 10 Health Book – Well + Good

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The Hidden Gurus You’ve Never Heard About

A 7 day program to learn from the wisest people in the world, the elderly living among us. So many of our nation’s elderly are low on resources…and love. Sign up today for this 7 day program and ALL PROCEEDS go to Search and Care, the charity that keeps them warm, stocks their fridge, and gives them the love they deserve in their final years of life. 

21 Days to Soothing Anxiety

Feeling anxiety…like every single day? Ready for change? For 21 days: release anxiety and embrace peace of mind! This program combines 1 on 1 coaching with guided meditations to take you to a deeper, clearer, more peaceful life. 


Massage Your Mind and Meditate ON

Let’s be honest. Meditation can be slow, boring, impossible for one with an active life. Not anymore! Meditate ON is meditation for the modern world. Focusing on subjects like SLEEP to FOCUS to LOVE, these meditation series are entertaining, relaxing, and accessible for everyone. Subscribe today and receive full access to all my meditation series, including series for kids.


Keynote Speaker

The science shows happy people are more productive, healthier, and easier to work with. Does your need corporate culture need more happiness? I share practical, modern advice on how to be happy now.

Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety

For teenagers, there’s a lot going on. Homework, practice, getting into college, not to mention parties, and hundreds of emails and tex messages…not to mention all that social media. Teens, like adults, need tools to focus, relax, and enjoy what should be the best years of their lives. Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety begins on September 21.


What’s on My Mind?

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Who Stole the C from Fuker?

November 24, 2015

I’m gonna do something I have never done before on Thanksgiving. I’m going to overwhelm Lincoln, and Instagram, not to mention ISIS. I hope you’ll join me as I believe this will soothe your anxiety, change the mood at your holiday table, and truly infect those around you…


Paris: “You won’t have my hatred”

November 19, 2015

After the Paris tragedy, I felt so angry. But then I read a Facebook post by a husband who lost his beloved wife in the Bataclan. He told the terrorists: “You will not have my anger.” If he’s not mad, than neither am I! But what can we, ordinary citizens, do differently?