103 and Still Driving (Fast)

Last week, I met a 103 year-old who still drives.

Fern started driving a horse and buggy, then a Model T Ford, and now a yellow Smart Car.

She shared her 13 tips on growing old gracefully.

This video will be your reminder that, as Fern says, “growing old is mandatory, feeling old is optional.”

Watch the above video and check out her 13 tips for growing old gracefully.

They are a reminder to engage life fully…everyday…whether you are 23, 43, or 103.  I think we have this notion that we’ll slow it down and there will come a time where we retire to the beach.

That sounds nice but as one elder told me yesterday, her friends who had that “retirement” mentality all died 15-20 years ago.

There’s something about “keeping your hands on the wheel” that keeps you going strong!

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