A 102 Year-Old’s Secret to Peace and Happiness

That’s Sam in the above picture. He is 102.

Why bother fighting old age? He wears it with style. That’s a big ol’ magnifying glass around his neck!

Sam described to me a most powerful secret to peace of mind…

But first let me tell you what led to meeting Sam…

A very wise person recently saw me spending too much time on my phone.

This wise person said, “You’re losing touch with the undercurrent of life. Get off your phone.”

The undercurrent of life.

What does that mean?

On Tuesday, I went to services for Rosh Hashanah.

The service began with a hike led by a renown nature expert, Andy Lipkis.

You might call Andy…”the tree whisperer.”

As high-ranking government officials are realizing our infrastructure can no longer handle the changes in our climate, they turn to Andy and his knowledge of trees.

At Rosh Hashanah services, Andy explained how an Oak Tree will not burn in a fire.

Houses surround by Oak Trees are much more protected from these raging infernos in California.

And a large Oak Tree’s mulch creates a massive sponge-effect in the soil that protects against flooding.

But if you cut down that Oak Tree, fire and rain overwhelms the environment.

Andy said science now proves these trees are not just nature’s protection against the changes in climate.

These trees also communicate across vast distances through through their root systems.

Everything he said was scientific…grounded in research.

He concluded with something deeper, based on your heart, not your mind.

“Trees also communicate with people. But you have to feel the message. As we hike today, be silent and feel what comes to you.”

That’s the undercurrent.

To feel what comes to you through the flow of life and nature and real human experience.

The undercurrent is always available to you, but it operates independent of technology.

For instance, theres’s no app on your phone to replicate scent.

When Andy led on us on a guided hike, he picked different leaves and flowers and passed them back for everyone to smell.

He told us Elderberry leaves are proven to be more effective against the flu then Tamiflu.

That too is the undercurrent.

As I sat down for services, the Rabbi shared her sermon, “Kindness takes courage.”

It takes courage to break free from your routine, and do something that cannot be done on your mobile device.

In honor of the high holidays, I went to an old age home in LA.

The undercurrent runs strong in places like old age homes, where a group of 10 elders could mean 800+ years of history in one small room.

I asked 102 year old Sam what is his favorite part of this stage of life?

He said, “To wake up and see the sunshine another day. Everything else is incidental.”

That keeps coming up for me. If you can just find peace, if you can just enjoy the sunshine, everything else will settle into place.

Peace or…seeing the sunshine… is step 1 in your busy day.

It is not step 7 or step 12 or step 101.

Start with peace.

When you do that, you make space for the undercurrent to move through your life.

When you do that, you invite the Intelligence around you to become the intelligence within you.

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