“I will be happy when I make more money.” 

“I will be happy when I get a new job.”

“I will be happy when I fall in love.”


My name is Dave Romanelli. 

I share self-help advice that is relatable and fun, based on 20 years of experience as a teacher, author, business owner, and wellness innovator!

Forget the fancy-pants diet regimens, hard-core workout plans, and woo-woody spirit talk. If Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra take you down the double-black diamonds of self-help, think of me as your guide on the bunny slopes.

For the advanced wisdom-seekers, I invite you to kick back and enjoy a lighthearted approach to happiness! And for those seeking fresh perspective who are relatively new to the world of self-help, let’s have some fun on the way to getting your mind in the right place. 

If I could summarize my perspective in one line, it’s this: 


I got my start when a friend dragged me into a yoga class back in 1996. I was hooked and ended up quitting my job and moving to Phoenix to co-found a chain of yoga studios.

These studios became a pioneering effort in the national yoga scene, fusing Western culture’s fashion, music and technology with Eastern culture’s sacred rituals and ancient tradition. Many of the trends so common in and around today’s neighborhood yoga studio originated in these studios in Arizona.

I started teaching yoga in 1999, developed a following, and connected with a great friend from college, Katrina Markoff who had just started a chocolate company, Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

We created the Yoga + Chocolate experience which demonstrates the enhanced power, beauty, and sensory awareness experienced in the present moment.


Yoga + Chocolate led to Yoga + Wine, Yoga for Foodies and Yoga + Jazz.  This fusion of the ancient Eastern world with the pop culture of the modern Western world led to acclaim in The New York Times, O Magazine, Food & Wine…while demonstrating the enhanced power, beauty, and sensory awareness experienced in the present moment. 

My first book, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment, launched in 2009 and reached #1 on Amazon’s Self-Help list. The book shares an irreverent approach to overcoming information overload and developing a strategy to being present when it matters most. I call it BFD! A Beautiful, Funny, and Delicious moment each day…keeps the stress away.



My new book Happy is the New Healthy launched in paperback in January (2017) from Skyhorse Publishing and was quickly named a Top 10 Healthy Book to Read by Well + Good and has twice reached #1 on Amazon’s Healthy Living Bestseller List. 

The book was inspired by my friendship with a woman who lived to be 111 years old. Her secrets to longevity…sex, vodka, and spicy food! The wisdom of our elders has inspired my new mission: How to reconnect the elder generation with mainstream American culture. Our elders tend to be lonely and isolated and we can all do so much better to bring them into the mix.

The subject of my third book is based shining a light on elders and exploring the lessons from the oldest and wisest.

Until we are together in person…

Enjoy Your Journey.

Live in the Moment.

And Be Happy Now.

–Dave Romanelli

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