The Answer to Your Prayers

This eerie shadow of darkness was speeding toward us at 2,400 mph.

The wind was blowing cool and fast, the temperature was dropping quickly, and we were seconds from the moment of the Total Eclipse.

I was in Oregon standing on a hill overlooking the Willamette Valley. This is wine country and it’s good soil so we took off our shoes.

And my friend Ian, the original Spiritual Ganster, starts hollering at us…

“Dig your feet into the dirt! This won’t be real unless you ground it!”

So we’re digging our feet into the earth as quickly as possible.

And as the moment of the Total Eclipse arrived, I remember so clearly the texture of the cool, soft earth enveloping my feet…

…and the Martian orange sky overhead…

… and the tears falling down my face because one becomes completely unhinged during this phenomenon.

There won’t be another eclipse for a long time, so I’ll have to wait for those Martian skies.

BUT I can dig my feet into the soil every single day.

And I wish I could tell you that’s what I’ve been doing since the Eclipse.

But that would be complete b*llshit.

That’s why I’m writing this now.

There is a healthier life available to you and to I if we could find the time and freedom to get our hands and feet dirty a little more often.

According to a 2013 study in the Journal of Alternative medicine, walking barefoot “reduces blood viscosity, which is a major factor in cardiovascular disease.”

In other words, walking barefoot helps you chill the f*ck out and free your inner hippie!!

If dirty is a little icky to you, as it sometimes is to me…

…the BBC reports, “Operating your immune system in an environment of sterility is like sensory deprivation for the brain. Eventually, it goes insane!”

Insane is happening, a little more each day. If not you, someone you know is going a little crazy trying to juggle all the distractions and obligations.

I think a lot of us have this question to ask life or our boss or even God:


The recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan, wrote in his acceptance speech, “Poplar trees, the red butterflies, the fragile beauty of flowers, the sun – you see how nature is indifferent to it all. All the violence and suffering of all mankind. Nature doesn’t even notice it.”

Nature offers you a path forward that will build your health and happiness.

It won’t be a straight line.

It might require you to slow waaaay down.

And it may mean thinking very differently about where the Answers to your pressing questions are coming from.

I remember one mysterious thing I cannot share with you about that moment watching the Eclipse in Oregon. I don’t how to express it in words.

But Bob Dylan got really close…

“The Answer my friend is Blowin in the Wind, the answer is Blowin in the Wind.”


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