Be Mentally Attractive

One day, I will be 122 and eating chocolate, drinking wine, and watching sunsets with my great-great-grandchildren.

That means the halfway point in my life won’t come until 20 years from now.

But when I turned 42 years old last week, I realized that is past the midway point for most people on the planet. Heck, in certain African nations, the life expectancy is 45 years old!!!!

At 42, you can look back at decades of births and deaths, successes and failures, regrets and dreams.

At 42, there are as many people younger than you as there are older. Aka…you become, dare I say… wise.

At 42, your checklist, once in flux, begins to take shape. Y’know, the checklist that relates to money, health, family:

–Save money for school and retirement.

–Spend as more with loved ones (they don’t last forever)

–Care for your physical self while you still have the chance to be preventative instead of reactive

This past week, I realized I’ve left something big off the checklist.


I started reading a great book, NOT FADE AWAY.

The book is about a successful business mogul named Peter Barton. He was one of those people who had all the breaks in life. Made tens of millions of dollars. Great physical shape. Beautiful family. Happy as could be. He was kicking life’s A$$!

And then one day, he went to the doctor for a stomach ache which turned out to be cancer. And Peter Barton realized something that so many millions have realized. All the money in the world is not enough.

Or as Peter Barton said, “Problems that can be solved by money are not real problems.”

And as his body (and life) were fading away, Peter Barton discovered the one thing he never conquered…which is the same thing I’ve left off my checklist:

He said, “Where was I supposed to find something to feel good about, some realm where I could still feel strong and hopeful? The answer now seems obvious, but for me it was the hardest place to accept: that realm was my mind.”

The mind is often the last thing we get right when it should be the first.

When your mind is not right, you worry too much. You are constantly anxious. You always feel overwhelmed. You see what’s ugly before you see what’s beautiful. You talk about people and things instead of ideas and dreams.

I shouldn’t say “you” because I do it too and I wanna get my mind RIGHT.

So let’s do it. Let’s get the mind RIGHT!

Why focus on the worst possible case scenario when you can focus on the best possible case scenario!

Why spend so much time talking about what’s wrong when you can talk about what’s right!

Why get hung up on the past when you can spin a fierce story about all the awesomeness that’s comin down the pipe!

Today, before you send another email or do another errand or go to another meeting…

Get your mind right!

That’s the difference between LIVING each day… and surviving it.


There are 3 steps.

1. As my friends at Spiritual Gangster say, LIVE IN THE SUNSHINE!

The yogis call this intention.

When our daily life is dedicated to the little things…

I gotta pick up the kids…I gotta get my presentation ready…I gotta get my phone fixed…

…our intention is scattered and our mind is running on low power.

When our daily life is dedicated to something big and wonderful…

I wanna bring peace to my co-workers …I want to inspire at least one person today to be more present…today I will live in the sunshine!

…our intention is great and our mind is connected to high power!


Staring at phones and computers and tablets chops our thoughts up into tiny little fragments.

Nothing amazing ever came from tiny, little thoughts.

In your spare moments today, instead of looking at a screen, give yourself the luxury to look away and answer this question:

Who can I help and how can I help them?


Whether you like it or not, your brain is like Vladimir Putin. It does and thinks and takes what it wants with little regard for anything else, including your own body.

So many of us have chronic aches and pains because our minds are disconnected from our bodies.

And the only way our body can get our mind’s attention is by SCREAMING (which we interpret as pain).

That is healed by spending more time with yourself and by yourself so you can hear the whispers before they become screams.

In that process of turning your attention inwardly, your thoughts become gentler, kinder, less Putin and more Mandela.


When you are going through your checklist each day, before you do anything else…GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.

Be mentally attractive.

It is the rarest, yet most attainable virtue.

With just one spectacularly loving, beautifully divine thought…

…you own the power, you initiate the healing, you become the change.

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