Best Cheap Bosu Balls

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Best Cheap Bosu Balls

A Bosu ball can bring many health benefits and is often sought after amongst fitness enthusiasts in particular. Not only can they be a great addition to workouts, but they can also bring health benefits to individuals who are currently recovering from lower limb injuries.

Introducing the use of a Bosu ball into your daily activity can gradually help you to build your strength ultimately helping to ease these issues over time. 

Best Cheap Bosu Balls

Finding the best Bosu ball for your needs can sometimes appear to be a difficult process. However, we have done the hard work for you browsing the market for the best Bosu balls available.

If you require some additional assistance before making your purchase, below we have also included a handy buyer's guide containing all of our top tips for choosing the best products. 

Top 5 Best Cheap Bosu Balls


Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm - Blue

The Original Balance trainer has been manufactured by the BOSU brand themselves. As a high-quality balance trainer, it provides an exciting way of adding versatility to your daily workouts. 

Developed by industry professionals themselves, this trainer is a great addition to cardio, muscular training, and endurance workouts, allowing you to push yourself to a new dimension while ensuring that your workouts remain enjoyable. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, this balance trainer is suitable for a range of individuals to enjoy. This trainer has several benefits; a useful tool for weight training that enables you to develop your strength, but it also helps with balance and flexibility. 

Familiarizing yourself with your balance trainer and securing a stable grip once you step on it can be a challenge in itself. This is made a little more difficult by a balance ball that fails to remain in a stable position. Courtesy of the inclusion of the 6 rubber non-skid feet, this needn’t be a concern as the trainer isn’t going to slip or move around.


  • As this balance trainer has been made in the USA you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • Available in an expansive range of colors you can select the option that is suited to your taste and preferences.
  • As the original BOSU ball balance trainer, you can be confident in the quality of your purchase.
  • Durably constructed this BOSU ball claims to last 10 times longer than its competitors.
  • Easily inflatable, this balance trainer is ready for use within minutes.


  • This BOSU ball is slightly pricier as it is from the original brand itself and incurs some additional charges for the workouts DVDs, and the air plug. 


Z ZELUS Balance Ball Trainer Half Yoga Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands and Foot Pump for Yoga Fitness Home Gym Workout (Purple)

If you're looking to switch up your workouts, the Zelus Balance Ball Trainer could be a great tool for you. Forget doing pushups, sit-ups, and lunges, etc from the floor, and enjoy a more versatile and exciting way of working out. 

Constructed using environmentally friendly, non-toxic PVC this is a strong Bosu ball. The non-slip base along with the anti-skid surface provides improved stability allowing you to balance easily to workout to the best of your potential.

Additionally, the base and slip-resistant feet are going to ensure that the ball remains in a secure position for the duration of your workouts for guaranteed safe use. Impressively, this ball also incorporates anti-burst technology for improved longevity and durability.

If you would enjoy adding diversity to your workouts, it is likely that you will appreciate the addition of the resistant bands. As they are detachable, they can be attached as and when they are required, allowing you to experiment and add greater depth to the complexity of your workouts. 

For many, their training involves venturing out of the home to the gym, etc. As a lightweight ball, it can easily be inflated and deflated in between uses for convenient portability to take with you on the go. Although it is convenient to transport, when fully deflated it measures an impressive 23" which provides you with a sufficient area for practicing your workouts.


  • This BOSU Ball comes equipped with a pump so the ball can be fully inflated within minutes ready for you to begin enjoying right away.
  • Available in a range of different colors, you can select the trainer that caters to your tastes. 
  • The detachable workout bands allow you to add varied depth to the contents and complexity of your workouts. 
  • The anti-skid surface texture provides increased stability for maximum safety when using this exercise ball.
  • This is suitable for a range of users, regardless of your fitness level.


  • This Bosu ball requires regular inflating in between uses which is likely to be inconvenient and time consuming for many.


PEXMOR Yoga Half Ball Balance Trainer Exercise Ball Resistance Band Two Pump Home Gym Core Training (Massage Version - Blue)

The PEXMOR BOSU ball is an efficient core trainer that is equipped with everything that you need to get started right away. This includes a complimentary foot pump so you can set your trainer up within minutes. Additionally, you will also receive two detachable resistance bands and a free workout guide. 

The surface of the Bosu ball incorporates a pebbled texture which can provide many health benefits aside from providing greater diversity to your exercises. In fact, this unique texture can help to tackle acupuncture points and can also help to ease and massage any sore areas. 

If you would like to take your balance trainer on the go with you, you will be pleased to know that it combines a lightweight feel with a compact size making it very travel friendly.

Again this ball incorporates anti-burst technology for enhanced stability and durability as it is unlikely to become damaged easily.

If you aren't convinced that the massage version is going to satisfy your needs, it is also available in a standard version that may be better suited to those who have sensitive skin and find the texture of the massage ball too tough against their skin.


  • This ball is available in two versions: the massage version and standard version to cater to the needs of different individuals.
  • Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, this Bosu ball can easily be taken with you on the go.
  • The resistance bands allow you to develop and experiment with your training.
  • Durably designed from ABS material, this ball is likely to see you through many uses without becoming damaged easily.
  • It is available in two different colors so you can select your favorite option.


  • The pump on occasion pumps the ball to an insufficient standard. 


Sportneer Half Balance Ball Balance Board with Resistance Bands Balance Trainer with Pump for Core Ab Training Yoga Home Fitness Stability Workout Strength Exercise Physical Therapy & Gym…

Constructed with quality in mind, the Sportneer balance ball is going to fulfill your needs by providing versatility in how you can exercise. Forget boring ways of exercising and enjoy adding a greater dimension to the complexity of your daily workouts. 

Sportneer provides you with an all in one gym kit for efficient ways of strengthening and toning your muscles while improving your balance. However, it also performs especially well in acting as a rehabilitation tool providing an aid to recovery following any injuries. 

Impressively, this balance ball is also equipped with adjustable resistance bands which allow you to add some variety to your workouts if you choose. Additionally, you can also cater your workouts to the area of your body that you want to focus on strengthening. Develop your usual workouts and push yourself to try new push-ups, squats, and crunches using this exercise ball.

Of course, a ball of this kind can pose concerns surrounding its durability following frequent use. However, this Sportneer balance ball is deemed to be burst resistant as it has been constructed using 4mm thick PVC so it isn't going to break even when subject to heavy pressure and regular use. 


  • The addition of resistance bands allows you to develop your regular workouts and training.
  • The anti-slide floor pads ensure that the ball is going to remain in a secure position when it is in use.
  • Impressively when you purchase this balance ball you will also receive a workout guide outlining some great, safe exercises that you can enjoy.
  • This ball has been durably constructed to a puncture and burst proof standard.
  • Courtesy of its compact size, this Bosu ball can be taken with you on the go so you can enjoy working out at home or the gym.


  • The pump sometimes struggles to inflate the exercise ball so you may need to invest in an additional tool. 


EVERYMILE Half Ball Balance Trainer Stability Yoga Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands & Pump for Home Gym Core Training Yoga Fitness Ab Strength Workouts, 23 inch Anti-Skid Surface

Constructed using environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC material, this balance ball is safe for a range of individuals even those with allergies posing minimal risks to your health or safety.

Impressively, this trainer is also wear and burst resistant so you don't have to worry about the ball becoming damaged even when used for harsher exercises. 

This balance trainer is also equipped with two resistance bands which can be attached and detached at your choosing. This allows you to enjoy a more expansive range of exercises adding greater depth to your upper arm and body workouts.

Aside from this, the padded handles provide a comfortable grip that allows you to exercise for longer periods without feeling any discomfort.

The careful placement of 6 non-skid feet ensures that you can enjoy exercising without having to worry about the balance trainer moving, which allows you to gain a more stable posture when standing on your balance trainer.

Weighing a total of a minimal 11.5 lbs with a total weight capacity of 330 lbs, this is a lightweight trainer that can be used in a range of faculties whether you enjoy exercising at home or the gym, your balance trainer can always be there to accommodate you.


  • The addition of anti-leakage plugs ensures that the trainer is sufficiently inflated.
  • The 5mm thickened PVC creates a wear and burst resistant ball that can be enjoyed for a decent amount of time without deteriorating in quality.
  • Courtesy of the resistance bands, you can enjoy greater versatility in your workouts, especially benefitting your upper body. 
  • There are two color choices available so you can make your purchase guided by your personal preference.
  • This balance trainer is particularly easy to inflate and can be set up and ready to use within minutes.


  • Unfortunately, this ball requires regular inflating which is likely to be rather inconvenient for individuals who are intending to use this trainer regularly. 

Best Cheap Bosu Balls Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before selecting your Bosu ball. It is not necessarily the case that every Bosu Ball available on the market is going to cater to your needs effectively. It is important to evaluate your requirements beforehand to ensure that you select the right Bosu ball for you. 

The Cost

The amount that you spend on your Bosu ball is going to largely depend upon personal preference. For many, the cost of their equipment is going to be influential upon the product that they purchase. There isn't a specific amount that you are required to spend on your fitness equipment. Some individuals may prefer to spend a little more on their Bosu ball while others may have specific budgets in mind. We have selected the best Bosu balls available each retailing within an affordable price range. 

The Pump

Of course, your Bosu ball is going to require inflating so that it is safe to use and isn’t going to deflate quickly. Preferably your Bosu ball will come with a pump or will be compatible with an existing pump that you have as this will save you having to make an additional purchase. Inflating your Bosu ball should be a relatively straight forward process.


When it comes to using your Bosu ball it should be slip-resistant, this is because some exercises may involve standing on the Bosu ball. If the surface is slippery, this poses a risk of potential injury. A Bosu ball with slip-resistant qualities is going to prevent you from slipping and is going to ensure that you can maintain a secure grip on the Bosu ball.

The Quality

Regardless of the amount that you spend on your trainer, you expect it to be made to a high-quality standard as this will ensure that it is going to last a decent amount of time. For some, a Bosu ball may be something that they intend to use regularly, and for this reason, it is important to ensure that you select the trainer that is going to be able to withstand frequent use. Ensure that you don't compromise on the quality for the price. You are likely to find that the market offers many options that offer affordability and quality combined. 

The Color and Design

You will find that some brands offer a great variety of colors and designs while others offer more neutral colors. A more diverse range of colors effectively caters to the preferences of different individuals allowing you to select the Bosu ball that compliments your taste.

The Weight

The weight of your Bosu ball can differ between brands. Some will offer heavier Bosu balls than others. The weight of the Bosu ball that you choose is going to depend on the exercises that you intend on doing. While some individuals may benefit from using a lighter Bosu ball, others may find a heavier Bosu ball has more of an impact on their workouts. 

The Durability

Bosu balls that are made from strong and robust materials are likely to last considerably longer than those made from thinner materials. The durability of your Bosu ball is important as this is going to be highly influential on how well it is going to last. You don't want to invest in your Bosu ball only to find that it deteriorates in quality after a few uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bosu Balls Worth the money?

Yes, many would suggest that Bosu Balls are a worthy investment. They can be a great addition to home gyms providing an aid to those who typically struggle with balance. Not only are they great for helping you to coordinate muscles, but they can also be ideal for stretching and rehabilitation helping you to build up your strength with ease.

How much should I spend on my Bosu ball?

There is no set amount that you are expected to spend on your Bosu ball. There is a selection t available that can cost under $50. Of course, you may wish to invest a little more in your fitness equipment, however, there is no pressure to do so, as there are a range of Bosu balls available that provide without the hefty price tags. 

Is the use of a BOSU ball effective?

It is not necessarily the case that using a Bosu ball is going to have a significant impact on your strength. However, it can help with several other issues. Not only can it help to improve your balance but it can be a worthy investment for those who are struggling with lower limb injuries. You may even find using a BOSU ball to do crunches more effective than doing them directly on the ground. 

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