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Best Yoga Swing

Yoga is currently one of the world’s most popular activities, with a growing number of people looking to increase their flexibility, their muscle definition, as well as honing their peace of mind. Yoga encourages people to connect with their bodies and minds in a way that no other activity can.

However, some practitioners feel that ground-based yoga can be too limiting, not allowing them the full range of motion and the poses that push the versatility and tenacity of the human body to its very limits.

That’s where yoga swings come in! With these unique devices that suspend you from the ceiling, you can stretch your body both horizontally and vertically, completely inverting your traditional yoga pose to give those muscles that deep tissue stretch that you would not achieve on your yoga mat.

Best Yoga Swing

If you have back pain such as sciatica or piriformis syndrome, a yoga swing can get you up off the floor and encourage blood flow in those much-needed areas, pulling the muscles and tendons that are causing you the most pain.

But what can you expect to get out of an average yoga swing? Which will be the best swing that you can adapt to my particular yoga style? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent yoga swing?

Don’t worry, stretch out those hamstrings, release that tension, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best yoga swings currently on the market, followed by a handy buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions about the world of aerial yoga.

So limber up and get ready to drastically improve upon your wide-legged child’s pose, let’s start with our list of some of the best yoga swings currently available.

Top 5 Best Yoga Swings


UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set Ceiling Mount Accessories, Blue

First off we’ll start with a great yoga swing for beginners and one that comes highly rated on Amazon, made from an economical parachute-style material, this will easily support your weight and allow you to pull your own body into a number of complex and hopefully beneficial poses - introducing the UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set.

You can have this swing as part of your indoor yoga setup or you can take it outside, as it’s made from environmentally-friendly materials that are durable in all weathers.

This swing comes with multiple accessories and additional swing straps which means you can adapt your swing for all different positions and movements, along with an ebook that has an array of instructional materials for you to try out and practice on your new swing.

The seat of the swing can hold up to 550-pounds of weight, although it is very accommodating for all different body shapes. The foam handles are very comfortable to grip, which means that you will able to hold poses for much longer, increasing muscle tone and allowing you to quickly improve your aerial yoga techniques.


  • With comfortably thick and durable fabric, this is the perfect starter swing for those who want something in which they can sit, stretch and swing for hours.

  • It has sturdy daisy chain links that attach into the ceiling, which is also adjustable, allowing you to adapt the swing to your specific body type.

  • With a portable metal tree, you can also take your swing on vacation with you, setting it up on the beach, in the hotel room, or somewhere in the countryside to achieve that deep and natural relaxation.

  • This swing is specially kitted out to perform backbends, which will definitely help sufferers of conditions such as sciatica who want that deep stretch without the added pressure.


  • Taller users might struggle to use this swing, as the material is very constrictive beyond a certain point.


YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro – Yoga Inversion Swing with Free Video Series and Pose Chart, Purple

The next swing is one of a very uncomplicated design, which makes it another good starter swing for those about to get into aerial yoga.

You can loosen and stretch those aching and tense muscles with a great degree of ease with this swing, especially in the spine area, as well as building up your core and extraneous limb strength very quickly - introducing the YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro swing.

This swing has plenty of high recommendations of Amazon, and for good reason. With a simple set of six soft foam handrails and accompanying Youtube tutorials issued by YOGABODY themselves, you can literally get to grips with this swing super-quick.

Backbends might seem very daunting at first, but the simplicity and strength of the swing will give you that confidence you need to try out more and more complex maneuvers and soon develop to that stage where you are trying the deep tissue stretches that really keep the body healthy.


  • This easy-to-use swing won’t leave you feeling tired at the end of an intense aerial yoga session, the stretches increasing the blood flow into those tense areas, leaving you feeling invigorated and energized.

  • This swing is perfect for beginners or more advanced yoga experts, it’s also great for those experts in floor yoga who want to try something three-dimensional.

  • The price - of all the yoga swings on this list, this will only set you back just over $100.

  • The PVC and leather material has a lot of give, giving you the assurance you need that when hanging upside down for up to an hour at a time, this won’t come crashing to the floor and cause serious injury.


  • This swing does not come with a free-standing metal tree, making it the least travel-friendly yoga swing on this list.


EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing - Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock/Sling/Inversion Tool for Air Yoga Inversion Exercises (Yellow)

This next swing is one that might be considered slightly more lightweight, with an ability to support only 440 pounds, but with its durable 2 extension straps and polyester taffeta composition, it will make sure you feel supported even when completing the most ambitious of yoga positions - it’s the EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing.

EverKing have gone that extra distance to create a product that is simple-to-use, with 2 extension straps, 4 carabiners and a storage bag, making this a very portable swing. It requires very little maintenance, which certainly makes it one to buy for anyone starting out on the daunting road of aerial yoga.

This swing’s primary strength is probably the portability - you can hook it to most doorways in minutes with menial fuss and effort. Whether it’s in the kitchen, your hotel room, the garage, the patio or tied to the low-hanging branch of a tree if you fancy feeling the breeze on your face, this swing allows you to become one with your body and mind in any location.

You can also take this swing to the gym if you feel the need to start doing aerial yoga with some supervision.


  • An incredible portable swing, the sheer versatility of it will make it extremely appealing to pro yoga posers, especially for those who want a change of scenery.

  • The price - at around $30, this swing is an absolute steal! It will certainly appeal to those beginners who do not fancy splashing out on a more heavy-duty yoga swing.

  • With very few additions or complicated moving parts, you can set this one up without hassle and get into the “swing” of things as soon as possible.


  • The material of this swing is not particularly ecologically friendly, which might stick in the craw of people who want their conscience to be free of concerns about environmental damage when meditating.


CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling Strong Yoga Hammock Kit Set Trapeze Inversion Exercises Include Ceiling Mounting Kit and 2 Extensions Straps (Purple)

This next mobile yoga seat possesses some unique attributes that make it easy to clean and maintain, being both sweat and tear-resistant. That’s right, this is definitely a swing that will remove a lot of the irritating byproducts that make yoga more of a chore than a pleasure - introducing the CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Set Sling.

The manufacturers have done their very best to reduce the amount of discomfort in this yoga swing, knowing that users of other swings will be experiencing significant chafing and sweating when maintaining certain poses for long periods. It has a tenacious taffeta body and thick padding under the arms and behind the knees to ensure that you’ll be supported throughout the duration of your session.

The grips on the swing are made of chunky foam, which will absorb that excess sweat and give you a slip-free yoga experience.

The daisy chains can be adjusted so that the taller users won’t find it hard to get comfortable in the seat. This also comes with a metal tree and a carry bag which means you can take your yoga swing anywhere you like - why not travel to your nearest mountain to be fully at one with nature, as well as your body and mind?


  • A highly adaptable swing, perfect for taller users who find smaller yoga swings far less comfortable.

  • The sweat and tear-resistant material will more than likely appeal to more experienced yoga practitioners who want something they can rely on when pushing their bodies to the absolute limits.

  • With a carry bag and a freestanding metal tree, you can take this yoga swing with you on your next spiritual adventure.


  • The material might be tear-resistant, however, it isn’t the stretchiest product on the market, which more advanced yoga practitioners might find very limiting.


YOGA SWING PRO Premium Aerial Hammock Anti Gravity Yoga Kit- Acrobat Flying Sling Set for Indoor and Outdoor Inversion Therapy

Now we move onto a yoga swing that is a little bit more heavy-duty than some of the others we’ve seen.

It is perfect for both beginners, intermediate and expert yoga instructors, coming as it does with a useful instructional guide that will show you step-by-step how to pull yourself into positions that will be useful for your posture and any longstanding lumbar injuries you might have - introducing the Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock.

This swing is fabricated from nylon, which makes it very durable. Beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners can bend themselves into all positions, from the one-legged King pigeon pose to the Half Boat pose.

The Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock will support you with simplicity and ease.

This is a swing you can unfurl in your local yoga studio or simply leave it hanging in your personal yoga room. You can also use it outdoors and still count on maximum flexibility - the material it’s used from is waterproof and can withstand even the most arduous of weather conditions.

With triple stitching and thick, absorbent handles, you can count on a secure grip that won’t get slippery after multiple uses.


  • This swing is manufactured from high-grade parachute material which is both flexible and tenacious, featuring anti-gravity straps that give you that extra security when performing those difficult aerial poses.

  • The price - remarkably affordable considering the range of features that this harness has, it will only set you back around $50.

  • The Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock comes with an instructional video that makes setting up quick and easy. Padded, ergonomic handles enable safe stretching and lifting.


  • The quality of carabiners are not that great, you might find them giving out after multiple uses.


Aerial Yoga Hammock L:5M W:2.8M Aerial Pilates Silk Yoga Swing Set with 2000 Ibs Load Include Daisy Chain, Pose Guide

Our final swing is one the manufacturer has specifically designed to decrease neck and back pain and judging by the hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews, it looks like they’ve nailed it! Say goodbye to a stiff neck after a few swinging sessions on the INTEY Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing.

This is another swing fabricated from high-quality polyester taffeta, which means that the chances of the swing ripping apart are virtually zero, comfortably being able to support up to 450 pounds of weight.

This will mean a relaxing yoga swing session for people of all different body shapes and sizes.

This is another very lightweight design, you can simply fold it up into your carry on and lug it anywhere you want to go. You can take it on holiday and use it during the intense summer seasons as this is water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant.

You could take this on a lakeside vacation and not worry about water damage.


  • This swing is extremely malleable, with a tough material that will ensure that you can achieve even the complex of poses that will activate those contracted and sore muscles and give you long-term relief from chronic pain.

  • This is a portable yoga swing, with a carry bag and free-standing metal tree that will mean you can take it on vacation with minimal effort.

  • Comfortable and supportive, this swing can accommodate most body shapes and sizes, which is particularly useful for people with mobility issues who might be looking to get into yoga for the therapeutic benefits.


  • Like our previous model of swing, the carabiners are not the highest quality, so you should be careful if you have been using your swing for quite some time.

Best Yoga Swings Buying Guide

Yoga swings can be used for multiple purposes, but most yoga aficionados will be using the swing for its inversion properties, particularly if they want to alleviate back pain. But what other things should you be looking for in a yoga swing?

Yoga Swing Size

If you are taller, you might find that a seat with a smaller surface area very uncomfortable which could actually prohibit you from achieving certain deep stretches. Make sure that the swing can be adjusted to leave room for maneuvering.

Portability and Storage

Most people won’t have the space in their homes for a permanently fixed yoga swing, so you’ll want something that can be folded away and stored easily. Most of the yoga swings listed above are made from singular fabric materials and come with instructional videos that will help you set up and pack away your swing within minutes.

Most people also enjoy the variety of locations that you can install a portable swing in, so make sure you have one that comes with its own metal tree and carry bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Main Reasons That Somebody Uses A Yoga Swing For?

Yoga swings are great for inversion techniques, the anti-gravity affect of the suspension alleviating pressure between your joints, particularly in the lumbar regions which normally bear the weight of your torso.

Increased flexibility is also great for inducing blood flow in aching muscles that need to be moved around a lot of a daily basis. Office workers who might have largely sedentary jobs might want to come home after a long day of sitting and have an hour on the yoga swing to stretch muscles that have been contracted throughout the day.

We hope that our list of yoga swings along with the information about the unique benefits provided by aerial yoga has given you some insight into what you should be looking for in terms of quality and adaptability before purchasing one of these special items.

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