Pittsburgh And A Survivor

In light of the shooting in Pittsburgh, what can we learn from the Holocaust survivors? What’s the path forward? How do raise our children to feel safe and comfortable in a darkening world? Read more

LIVE from Heaven (The Proudest Mom)

In honor of her late mom, a total “clammy,” find out how one woman is giving elders a change to age with elegance and style… Read more

A 102 Year-Old’s Secret to Peace and Happiness

There is so much you can do on your mobile device, but there is one thing which happens totally independent of technology. And that one thing led me to this 102 year-old… Read more

A Dying Wish (Filled With LIFE))

When an elder is thinking back through their most important moments and memories, the things that come up are often astounding, intriguing, and in this case, heart-stopping… Read more

You’re Alive. Dress Up For It

If you have a special place in your heart for grandparents, you’ll love this story of a man who believes… life is an occasion worth dressing up for! Read more

The Greatest Honor of My Life

This might be the greatest advice I’ve yet to receive from an elder. Actually, it’s more of an honor than it is advice. The rarest honor of all… Read more

“The Luckiest Person in The World”

She escaped the Nazis, survived Kristallnacht, evaded the bombing blitz of London, lost her parents and brother, and still considers herself the luckiest person in the world. Read more

“From the Depths of Hell”

The greatest comeback you’ll ever see will inspire you to finish the year STRONG! Read more

Don’t Miss Your Wake Up Call

A secret has emerged that enabled the rescue in that cave in Thailand. It’s based on a technology that is both modern…and ancient. It will Wake You Up! Read more

Missing Person Report

I’ve gone missing for the better part of a month. Here’s why… Read more

URGENT MESSAGE: Distracted Drivers

To anyone who sometimes sneaks a peak at your phone while driving, please be aware of this story and the danger of distracted driving. Read more

“You Don’t Use Email?!”

Imagine a life without email. Inconvenient. But totally liberating! In this new podcast, I interview a 93 year-old who doesn’t use email. Our exchange shows my frustration . But ultimately, in my need for speech and efficiency, I’m the one missing out on life. Read more

Near-Death Experience

This is Episode 1 of my podcast, 18 Minutes…in which I’ll share the wisdom from the oldest and wisest. Jacki, 81, looks closer to 51. Maybe it’s genetics. Or maybe it’s because she once had a near-death experience where her heart stopped for twenty minutes. What she during that experience… Read more

The Best Pain Relief

This 96 year-old shared the best way to work through the darkness…TURN TOWARD THE LIGHT Read more

Before You Judge Me…

I started to judge this 94 year-old and then she proceeded to show me something that absolutely BLEW MY MIND! Read more

96 Year-Old Country Music Star

As long as you can hear the song in your heart, you are fully ALIVE! Take a few to enjoy a meditation highlighted by this 96 year-old’s harmonica and song… Read more

Dude, You’re Doing It RIGHT

Wisdom from an 81 year-old Mexican elder with an unusual love passed from one generation to the next. “I did not come from great means, but I always felt great love.” Read more

Potential is BS. Only Love is Real

Enjoy a short meditation and remember what you are hoping for and searching for and working for…is already here Read more

104 Years And Going Strong!

He is 104, takes 1 medication, works out 4 times each week, has the blood pressure of a 20 year old…and would LOVE to share with you his secrets… Read more

A Little Taste of Peace

Enjoy a little taste of PEACE and a sample of what’s comin your way every single day in 2018. Read more

The Best Gift To Give And Get (And It’s FREE)

If you read one thing from me, let it be this. Please. Read more

The Answer to Your Prayers

What does Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature have to do with the Answers to your prayers? Read more

Curbed On Thanksgiving

Who are you letting take up your precious headspace? As Gandhi said, “Don’t walk your dirty feet through my mind.” Read more

5 Minutes To Get Back to Nature

Take 5 minutes to break away, and enjoy a short meditation on getting back to Nature… Read more

96 Year-Old Country Star

Last week I interviewed a 96 year-old who still (drives) and performs country music with his harmonica. Could it be possible that your youth and vitality depend on how clearly you hear the song in your heart? YOUR FAVORITE ELDER I’m writing a new book about the wisdom and life lessons… Read more

Incredible Survival Story

On the evening of Sunday, October 8, John and Jan Pascoe were surrounded by fire in every direction. In the most stressful and unbearable conditions, they kept their cool and made a life-saving decision. Read more

God: What Happened to You?!

With all the trouble in the world, you might need a reminder that people are inherently GOOD. Take a few minutes to listen to what’s going on right now in Houston… Read more

From a Victim’s Mother…to YOU

For anyone struggling with the boiling emotions that come with yet another mass shooting, here’s some advice from a victim’s mother Read more

Meditate ON…The Missing Peace

The Greek root of the word “sin” means “to miss.” The great sin of our time is to be so busy that we miss the Messages and Messengers. Enjoy this short meditation to fix that problem… Read more

Meditate ON…The Bigger Picture

It’s the best life lesson I’ve heard all year. When life is not going your way, hold a BIGGER picture over your life. Here’s a short meditation on how to do that… Read more

A Prayer TO Irma

Is there something we can do to stop this hurricane? Depends who you ask… Read more

Loneliness Can Be HEALED! Let’s Do This

Loneliness is a BIG issue out there. Here’s one solution worth trying… Read more

The Million Dollar Meditation

It’s not your income…but rather your contribution that opens the floodgates of abundance into your life… Read more

Meditate ON…Eclipse Hangover

Are you still “feeling” the impact of the Eclipse? Take a few minutes to reflect… Read more

Meditate ON…TOTAL Eclipse of the Sun

A Total Eclipse is the rarest moment in time. But will it really make a difference in your life? YES! Read more

Meditate ON…2 Minutes (that will MAKE you, or BREAK you)

Most of life’s great moments are very short and sweet. Do you have the mental muscles to be all there when you need to be, when you want to be? Take this 2 minute test and find out… Read more

BREAKING: The Good Guys ARE Winning!

It might seem like the darkness has got an edge right now. But here is the latest tally…THE GOOD GUYS ARE WINNING! Read more

Meditate ON…The Total Eclipse

For the first time in years, the major news story is not about politics or war or climate change…but a natural event we can all enjoy, The Total Eclipse of the Sun! Read more

Meditate ON…The Ancient Law Of Life

There is an Ancient Law of Life, but you have to listen carefully to its message and dial in its magic… Read more

The Dying Secret of a 150 Year-Old

It was in my life and the lives of generations before me, until its final moment, last week. It left this dying secret… Read more

Your Trip to Planet Blue

A brand-new way to relax your kids’ minds and give them the gifts of mindfulness. Note: also works for adults who feel like kids… Read more

A 6 Year-Old’s Gift To Change Your Life NOW

This is short and may be hard to read, but it will absolutely change your day, maybe your week, possibly your life! Read more

Meditate ON…Magic

Do you believe in magic? Is really possible? I invite you to take a few minutes and let’s quiet the mind, and explore the possibilities… Read more

Check Out My New Ride!

Your very best summer ever is right there for the taking. A few fun things, books, and ideas that might just will remind you…LIVE IN THE SUNSHINE! Read more

Long LIVE the DEAD!

I had a rough night at a Dead & Company concert in LA. Here’s what I learned and I think it’s a message well worth your time! Read more

Is Your Universe Hostile…or Friendly?

Why is the Universe so friendly to some and so hostile to others? Read more

Squeeze Please (While You Can)

Kids grow up way too fast, or so I’ve been told by people with adult children who are nostalgic for the days with the little people… Read more

Re: Ecstasy, Love, Anger, and Punching

Sometimes, it’s OK to be mad and let er rip! Or so I’ve been learning with a new guru and a new workout. Read more

Is there Really an Intelligent Universe? Or is it Bullshit?

Either the universe is really intelligent and there’s a God and an afterlife. Or all this spirituality is a bunch of bullshit and you die and turn to dust. I think most of us dabble somewhere in the middle. And that is no way to live. Read more

1,000 Years of Wisdom in 1 Click

60 minutes + 1000 years of wisdom and here’s what I got out of it. Read more

103 and Still Driving (Fast)

If you are feeling your age, watch this story of a 103 year-old who still drives and drives FAST! Read more

Find Your Yoda, Change Your Life

The elders are all around you, all the time. Their wisdom has the power to transform. But we have to be willing to see them. Read more

Impossible Courage

Sometimes a refresh on COURAGE is vital to stepping up your game, or so I learned last week at a dinner honoring Medal of Honor recipients. Read more

My New Favorite Place in the World

I have just returned from a place where there is no politics, no worries, no value on fame or fortune. If you visit this place, it will revitalize you and you will be cherished. Read more

My Nine-Figure Meeting $$$$

The 1999 movie The Matrix is based on an ancient message shared by many of the great spiritual masters. You can stay asleep. But if you dare, WAKE UP! Read more

The Oldest Woman in America is…

What would it be like to have a friend who has lived through the Prohibition, both World Wars, the Civil Rights movement, and outlived JFK, and MLK? Read more

To My Fellow Lazy-Asses:

My neighbor’s Christmas tree was sitting outside. I was about to haul it to the trash bit and I figured, “Let the neighbor deal with their own trash.” Oh man. I can do better that. I have to do better that! Read more

Drinks with Your Elders – NYC (Jan 31)

DRINKS WITH YOUR ELDERS New York City Tuesday, January 31 7:00pm EST 594 Broadway, Suite 1212 In the Flavorpill offices Buy Tickets   Your ticket price is a donation to Search and Care, a NYC based charity that helps the elderly population age safely in the comfort of their own… Read more

2 Minutes to Health (and Hard N*pples)

Many of my close friends have been doing something very different for their health and wellness: The cold plunge. Prolonged exposure to very cold water has profound health benefits. I tried it on a trip to Arizona. Just sitting for a few minutes in a pool of cold water (40-50… Read more

Drinks with Your Elders: Chicago

DRINKS WITH YOUR ELDERS comes to Chicago this Thursday, April 27. Too often, the elderly in America become invisible and lonely. “On a scale of one to 10, the pain of being alone is a 10,” one elderly lady said. We can all do better! How we treat our elders… Read more

Instant Pleasure TRY IT NOW

Hi. Welcome to 2017! New Year. New You. But wait. The boss still needs that project done. The kids still need you to cook them dinner. Your partner still insisting you go with them somewhere that you don’t want to go. What is different about 2017?! If you plan to… Read more

Ecstasy on New Years!

I want to share my great lesson from the 2016 in hope you will share something with me. I used to believe in a magical form of spirituality. Y’know, the law of attraction. Draw it out, journal it, and POOF!! Your golden mansion in Malibu, your partner with an attitude-make-over, and your… Read more

Meet My Daughter

I’m so proud and excited to introduce you to my daughter, Cooper Kam Romanelli. Cooper arrived in the world at 8:27pm on Monday. The doctor let me do part of the delivery, taking Cooper by her slippery shoulders, leading her into the world, and handing her to my wife for… Read more

Retreat to St. Barts (March 2-5)

Imagine yourself spending 4 days in the most beautiful spot in the Caribbean.  Sunrise meditations, Yoga + Chocolate classes, azure blue seas, French wine, long slumbers. www.leguanahani.com To reserve now: reservations@leguanahani.com or 800-216-3774 and tell them “David Romanelli’s Retreat in March”   Read more

How to Heal the Pain

Cutting deeper, making a greater impact, is the greatest step toward growth and change. But how do you do it? It’s not just working harder or meditate more. Is there a technique? YES! Read more

A Very Old Soul’s Great Secret

My favorite bit of advice from my most trusted advisor: “You have an unclaimed fortune, and working harder is not the answer!” That’s always and forever been the advice of Ian Lopatin. It’s been incredibly impactful to watch he and his wife, Vanessa, co-found and grow the athleisure brand, Spiritual Gangster. Their story, their success,… Read more

Drinks with the Elderly: TOUR 2017

One day you and I will get old. Will younger people pay any attention to us? As it stands now, we don’t give our elderly the love and attention they deserve. Read more

The Most Important Thing I’ve Taught My Son

The most important thing I’ve taught my son. If we practice something everyday, we learn how to do anything! Read more

I’m Jealous of This Person

A journey is a chance to interrupt the partners, to take a breath, to see The Truth: You are doing way better than you think you are! Read more

My Muscle is Your Muscle

What do an NFL wide receiver and an 83 year old in a nursing home have in common? A LOT MORE THAN YOU’D THINK Read more

2017: Way Better Than You Think

There’s a lot of angst about what 2017 holds in store. What if some amazing celestial event took place to bring us together? It’s HAPPENING. Start getting ready! Read more

The Most Important Question in 38 Years

August 21, 2017 is a once-in-a-lifetime, super rare event. Don’t let it take you by surprise. The journey starts now. Read more

Meet MY New President

It was a crazy week in America, and I have a different President in mind. I believe she came to life on Election Night 2016! Read more

WARNING: Not for the Faint of Heart

My visit with an 89 year old Holocaust survivor. I learned 10 years of life lessons in 10 minutes. Read more

The Hardest Lesson to Learn

This single lesson that kids (and adults) struggle with so much, can change the entire course of your life. Read more

Mindful Family (Last Chance To Register)

My high school years were difficult. Buck teeth, bad hair, pimples, anxiety. If only I knew then, what I know today. Read more

Almost 117 Years Old!

At 116 years and 330 days old, she is famous for being the oldest person on the planet. But there are so many old people with just as much wisdom…who live in abject poverty. It doesn’t have to be this way. Read more

What are YOU Doing Here?!

I was running a half-marathon in Lake Tahoe and BOOM! My little son ran onto the course to greet me. It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was GLORIOUS! And it inspired a new mission. Read more

My Night with 2,000 Women (and 7 Men)

On Tuesday night, I walked into the Pantages Theatre, which was filled with 2,000 women and 7 men. Before I sat down in my seat, I went to the bathroom. There was another man in the bathroom, just one, who looked as if he’d just been forced to walk the plank… Read more

Meditations for Sleep

If you need a little relaxation at the end of the day, and/or struggle to fall to sleep, these meditations are my gift for you. One is for adults, one for teens, and one for kids. ADULTS (Meditation to Sleep Deeply) Lie down, relax, press play…I’ll take care of the… Read more

Meditate ON…Vin Scully

Who better than Vin Scully to be your guide for a short meditation…curious? Read more

My Biggest Regret, My Greatest Memory

I shared a moment with the greatest sports announcer of all time, Vin Scully. It was possibly his most famous moment and my most INFAMOUS one! Read more

The Rarest People in the World

Only 10% of the population enjoys a sustained type of bliss, day in and day out. Maybe that’s you? But if you are far from it, here are some lessons from the “very, very happy” club. Read more

The IMPOSSIBLE is Happening

Matt Uohoru is trainer to pro and Olympic athletes. He believes when your mind is in the right place, anything is possible. Including teaching a 5’10 dude with manboobs how to SLAM DUNK a basketball on a 10 foot rim. I BELIEVE!!!!!!! Read more

Meet My New Hero

They are fierce and courageous warriors, and they touch many of our lives every single day. Yet, they don’t get the respect they deserve. Who are they? TEACHERS! I spoke with a fierce and brilliant teacher who shared what she needs more of… Read more

The Week That Changed My Life

Last week was the most agonizing week of my life.My wife is 24 weeks pregnant. In late August, we went to the doctor for our midterm ultrasound. It was supposed to be quick and easy. Then, we dove deep into the wormhole… Read more

The C Word At Work

It comes up in conversation again and again. “I hate my job.” I’ve been there. I think we all have. Before you overwhelm yourself with changing your career, try this. Change the way you think. Here’s how… Read more

My Dream Home (Come Inside)

What does it really feel like to live in your Dream Home? Is it the feeling of your neighborhood, furniture and back yard…or is it the feeling of your energy, heart, and soul? Each morning, I’ll drive through this really beautiful neighborhood called Brentwood on the way to get my… Read more

RE: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

When the burdens and responsibilities are OVERWHELMING, this is your fast track solution. HINT: I learned it from a 300 lb redhead who I’m convinced was a guardian angel. Read more

I LOVE This Dude

If you never seem to have enough time to spend with the ones you love most…here is your secret to make it all better. This is not just feel-good self-help. It’s the latest in science! Read more

The New #1

The top meditation app asked thousands of its users to rank their strongest emotion. #1 was Anxiety #2 was Hope We are just days away from the Summer Solstice, which is the very best time to bump anxiety from the top spot and crown HOPE as your new champion. Hope… Read more

Mass Shootings > Changes I’m Making

All these mass shootings make it hard to be happy. Even if you block out the news, eventually, someday, you’ll have to answer to your kids or grandkids the question, “So what did YOU do about it?” Read more

PRIVATE: For The Champion in You

Mohammed Ali might just have been the most famous person on the earth. His message spoke to everyone. From the Pope to the rickshaw driver in rural India. But why and what was his message? Read more

Finally, Some Good News!

In a summer of presidential politics that is driving us all NUTS, this is a call to action. BRING THE POSITIVITY AND BRING IT HARD! Read more

This Kid Needs No Intro

You have so much more in common than what might think. From your taxi driver to a random kid at a Coldplay concert in a faraway land… Read more

Hey…You Are Not Alone

Loneliness is endured by 40% of the population. Sustained loneliness is dangerous as obesity and smoking. So what can you do to shake it? Read more

The Wisest President on the Planet

To you who is paying bill after bill, and writing tuition check after tuition check, and getting sucker punched by those property taxes twice each year, you have to ask yourself the question. What are you doing with your life? Read more

Look What I Found!

They say that moving, divorce, and death are the three hardest things in life. Why is moving on that dreaded list? Now I remember. I spent the past three weeks moving my family from NYC to LA. Moving is a lot of heavy lifting that reveals not just dusty corners… Read more

Why I Moved from NYC to LA

The greatest lesson I learned after living 5 years in The Big Apple. Hint: Put 8 million people from all over the world onto a tiny island and something special happens. DIVERSITY. Whether you live in a small town or a big one, diversity is always a great healer. Diversity… Read more

Gandhi for President

Gandhi had many quotes in his 78 wisdom-packed years. The most famous one might be: “Your health is your real wealth.” Last week, I went to visit my aunt who is facing an aggressive form of Parkinson’s. If you know someone who has been through this, it essentially is a slow… Read more

Life Journey: Update Your Travel Info

When is the last time someone told you something really nice? A little love goes a long way, as the world rediscovered in a story that has gone viral about a woman and a man on a train in Vancouver… Read more

The Love Button (DARE YOU TO PRESS IT)

This morning my wife asked me to explain why it’s such a big deal about the discovery of gravitational waves. It’s been all over the news! I thought to myself that this was a chance to be smart in a way that I had never been smart before. So I… Read more

The Cure to Spazzing (Note to Self)

I had some strange meltdowns as a kid. Like the time I woke up from a nap when I was seven and was convinced that my tongue was overheating. “Go get something from the pharmacy!” I screamed at my dad. Or the time when I was five and my pet… Read more

The Sad Loss of a Best Friend (WAKE UP CALL!)

To anyone who has a very best friend in the world, or a few of them…you’ll want to read this. Last week I was signing copies of my book after an event…and a lady approached me to sign her copy. She said, “Dave can you please write this message in… Read more

A Grown Man’s Cry

There are billions of people seeking the most basic means of survival. It’s easy to walk by them on the street. But when you remember, this was once somebody’s child? What went wrong? It might just make you stop in your tracks… Read more

Rx for Your Post-New-Years-Hangover-Blues

The Monday after the New Years holiday? BRUTAL. As I was “thinking” about a message to share with you today, my son rolled off the couch, slammed his head on the coffee table, had a bloody nose, and a meltdown. That was my New Years wakeup call to the only… Read more

My #1 Guru in 2016

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to meet one of the few women in the world who has fought on the front line of a war. She is an 87-year-old lady who battled and was injured in Israel’s War of Independence (1948). She was captured by the Jordanians and… Read more

Your Pain Relief Has Shipped

The following story is for anyone who loves a BIG comeback. If you’ve been knocked down and felt the pain, the squeeze, the grind…this is for you. It may start sad but it ends very positive. Last year, I heard from a close friend whose daughter was 37 weeks pregnant… Read more

My Son’s First Steps

Yesterday was a milestone! My son walked for the first time. I mean, like…really walked. For the parents, this might as well be the first steps on the moon! I hadn’t clapped this hard since the Dodgers last won the World Series…28 years ago! And the best thing of all…my… Read more

Stop Grinding! Here’s How

If you are feeling the grind of life, you’re not alone. But what you can do in 2016 to grind less and enjoy life (A LOT) more? Follow these three examples of companies, people, and concepts that are riding a big wave (and not grinding at all) Read more

THIS Will Never Go On Sale

The gift of life is so easy to take for granted. But tell that to the Syrian refugees, who are are just fighting for the right to live. It seems like a distant problem until you look at the pictures and hear the firsthand accounts. These refugees are just like… Read more

Who Stole the C from Fuker?

I’m gonna do something I have never done before on Thanksgiving. I’m going to overwhelm Lincoln, and Instagram, not to mention ISIS. I hope you’ll join me as I believe this will soothe your anxiety, change the mood at your holiday table, and truly infect those around you… Read more

Paris: “You won’t have my hatred”

After the Paris tragedy, I felt so angry. But then I read a Facebook post by a husband who lost his beloved wife in the Bataclan. He told the terrorists: “You will not have my anger.” If he’s not mad, than neither am I! But what can we, ordinary citizens,… Read more

Small Gods Doing Big Things

After what this man went through, there is proof of God…small Gods…all around us…all the time. They remind us that not matter how dark it gets sometimes, the proof is in the starry skies. We just gotta remember to look up. Read more

The Hidden Gurus

These are the hidden gurus, those living among us who will never share their wisdom…unless you ask. Yet, the hidden gurus are struggling. Many of them are alone, having exhausted their resources. They need our love. We need their wisdom. Read more

Never Say This To Your Wife (unless you’re feeling lucky)

When you need to change your luck at home, in healthy, at work, there’s actual science behind it. It might not be the kind of thing you should tell your wife when you are having an argument, but it DOES work. It really, really works… Read more

Meet My Zen Master

After 20 years in wellness, I have stumbled up a formula for true happiness. Healthy relationship, professional significance, physical vitality. That’s a lot. But there is a shortcut. And you can achieve without waiting another second. Read more

60,000 Rabid New Yorkers…and Me

When someone is living with heart, whether a speaker, teacher, co-worker, or a 20 year old kid throwing 100mph heat …you feel it! That’s the special 1-2 punch we are seeing in this October on the baseball diamond: More Heart. More Fun! Read more

Book Launch…NYC

Read more

I Need Your Help (Time-Sensitive)

I have a question for you. Sit with this question. Answer honestly. This question is strikingly obvious, yet oddly, it makes you think. And that which stands between you and the answer to this question is your secret to happiness. Curious? Watch now… Read more

Why This Pope ROCKS!

This Pope is a spiritual figure like the world has not seen in many generations…or at least not in my 42 years on earth. He has what the yogis call…BHAV…a feeling that bypasses your mind and charges your soul. It’s rare. It’s special. And so desperately needed on the planet. Read more

Are You the Champion of Your Life?

Are you the champion of your life? If there were 100 possible variations of you…and only 1 variation was worthy of being called champion…is that the life you are living? There is one quality above all that creates a champion. Read more

Meet My Little Buddha

A few weeks ago I was rushing through JFK (aaaahhhhhhh!!!!) with a baby in a stroller, a tired wife, two pieces of luggage, and two carry ons. Have you been there before? Your heart is racing. One eye on the baby, one eye on the clock… Read more

Best Advice I’ve Heard ALL YEAR!

There are a million ways to connect in a bar. But this is one question to NEVER ask. HINT: This also contains the secret to connect instantly and deeply with another’s sweet spot. Read more

Can 1 Minute Heal Your Brain? YES!

1 minute to soothe your brain and sneak a peak at the upcoming Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety program. The latest research shows we need to rest…every single hour! Start NOW Read more

The Secret to Resilience

How a man with everything working against him discovered the secret to making a comeback and turning struggle into glory! Read more

Meditate ON…YES!

A guided meditation to embracing your life, your challenges, your burdens…instead of avoiding them. Enough with all the “no’s.” Today, let’s Meditate ON…YES! Read more

5 Years After Moving to NYC…

YES life can be very, very difficult. Trust me I get it. I live in the hardest place of all… NYC. How can make it easier? These are 3 secrets I’ve learned…the hard way. Read more

Kids grow up…FAST!

The thing that I’ve found to be both the greatest and hardest challenge as a new parent… is to be conscious of passing along my best traits and leaving behind those which are not so positive. Read more

Healing Your Money Karma

Tucked away in your heart, is a shortcut, a secret route to the happiest and most abundant life. Hint: you don’t need to work harder, look better, or make any more sacrifices. Read more

The Healing Power of Live Music

A few things overhead at the very last Grateful Dead concerts in Chicago. 1. “I feel totally reset with life.” 2. “Please be kind.” 3. “Memory is a precious resource around here.” Read more

Meditate ON…Women in Power

For anyone who is too hard on yourself, listen to this podcast and meditate on a world of…women in power. That means…embrace your qualities of compassion, self-love, and intuition. Read more

How I Overcame Anxiety

A simple and powerful solution to working through anxiety and its ugly cousins…doubt, worry, fear. HINT: It starts with 1, ends with 1, rhymes with 1, and looks like 1. Read more

The Words that Conquer Stress

The times are stressful. Must be something in the stars. Almost every single person I know is going through something very significant: whether it is moving homes, or figuring out the fate of a relationship… Read more

Make An Awesome Choice

It’s when we stop making conscious choices, that life begins to suck. The beer starts drinking you. The envy reaches critical mass. The anxiety approaches terminal velocity. So rear back and MAKE AN AWESOME CHOICE! Read more

How To Never Be Bored Again

It’s a special state of mind that has its own name: FLOW. And this is why it’s the answer to boredom… Read more

How to Leave Nothing on the Table!

True story: someone won $77 million in the lottery. But never stepped forward to claim the prize. Who cares? Any night you go to sleep without exhausting the potential of the day…is another Unclaimed Prize. Read more

Meditate ON…The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead are still relevant…50 years after they began their long, strange trip. Now more than ever, the Dead inspire us in a new way. Ready…set…Meditate ON The Grateful Dead. Read more

Be Mentally Attractive

The mind is often the last thing we get right when it should be the first. When your mind is not right, you are constantly anxious, always overwhelmed… Read more

Catch Me On Tour

Upcoming tour events include Denver, Las Vegas, Alaska, St. Louis. Catch a blast of happiness, not to mention yoga, chocolate and wine! Read more

Your Advice from a Billionaire

You are lucky to have your struggles. Paulo Coehlo writes that our struggles “prepare our spirit and will.” Once you accept that, all that you are NOT will finally concede to all that you ARE! Read more

Mark Twain’s Secret to Happiness

Mark Twain’s work desk was a disaster zone. So was the work desk of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. What does this say about genius? It is not a neat process. Nor is happiness. Read more

Your Victory Dance!

Nobody wants to help, support, do the deal, meet, or hang out with an anxious, worried, fearful person. But everyone wants to help, support, do the deal, meet, and hang out with the one who brings the energy of joyful celebration… Read more

When Forgiveness is Impossible…

Her name is Scarlett Lewis and her son Jesse was one of twenty young children who started the day at Sandy Hook Elementary School and ended the day in heaven. What happened next is a miracle…or several of them… Read more

Are You Loyal? Really?

As it says in the Tao Te Ching: “If you feel weak, it is only because you were once strong. If you feel poor, it is only because you were once rich. If you feeling hungry, it is only because you were once full.” Read more

Steve Jobs: Innovating Heaven?

I have a theory why Steve Jobs died so young. Heaven needs innovation. And who better than Steven Jobs to shuffle things around? Here’s my guess as to some of his first tasks at hand. Read more

Why I’m Breaking Up

Life is very serious. We’ve all got something we are dealing with. When you bring a more lighthearted approach, it’s so much easier. As Snoop said, “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” Read more

Superhero Moms and Grandmas

Even with her very last words, Grandma Parr reared back and loved with all her heart! The superhero moms and grandmas teach us that love unites, love heals, and love wins…again and again and again. Read more

Dealing with Uncertainty

You can tell an old soul by their relationship with uncertainty. While it can make you nuts, it can also pump vitality into your life. It’s all how you come to it. Read more

Losing Faith?

When you are losing faith, it’s the breakdown that allows faith to break in. A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul. Read more

The Most Opinionated Blog Ever

When there’s no room in your mind, there’s no space for new ideas. If there’s no space for new ideas, there’s no possibility for new opportunities. If there’s no possibility for new opportunities, there’s no chance for greatness. Read more

Evil Yogis? The Ultimate Oxymoron

As the Nazis gained strength, yoga was booming in Germany. And Heinrich Himmler, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, carried around a copy of the Bhagavad Gita wherever he went. So what went wrong? Read more

Why TODAY is YOUR Birthday

You have within you more power, more love, and more talent than you can ever imagine. Whether you decide to go there is up to you. Read more

Insomnia? Cured!

It’s ridiculous to think how many stars are in the sky (100 billion galaxies with 100 billion stars in each), how many cells are in your body (75 trillion), how many times your dog will kiss your face (1,000,000 times) if you let him. Read more

Become Your Own Hero

You don’t have to read a bestselling book, or take a crowded workshop, or eliminate certain food groups to “get where you want to go.” Make the decision NOW, today, that you ARE all those things you hope to become. Read more

Meet My Son

As many of you have witnessed before, to see that little human being suddenly appear in the delivery room, all I could think was: “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” But then, after the 12th consecutive sleepless night, as my wife and I lay awake shaking our heads at the ungodly hour… Read more

#1 Reason to Relax Today

Just for today: release the hand break, shift out of the fear response, move beyond the doubt. Today, commit fully to the awesome power of your life! Read more

The Selfie that Crushed NYC

At the end of your life, will you be remembered for how many likes you received on your social media posts, or the impact you had on making this world better? Read more

The Worst Case Scenario

At some point today, your mind must have taken a nosedive down the wormhole. We all have spend time pondering…the worst case scenario!!!! Read more

EXPIRING: Your Self-Help Prescription

We had a baby in November. It’s a lot of work, especially for a working mom who is breastfeeding. So let’s just say it’s very easy for me to screw up and confirm my latest reservation on The Sh*t List. Read more

I Now Walk Into the Wild

The average person spends over 10 hours each day in front of a screen. There has got to be more to life than that! Take 5 minutes and restore your connection to nature… Read more

Mindful Family (Week 1)

Welcome to Week 1 of Mindful Family.  Find a comfortable place, relax, and push play…ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY. Meditation for Adults Meditation for Teens Meditation for Kids   Read more

Happy is the New Healthy

Password: happy Read more

Blackberry Farms

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Dave Romanelli – Happy is the New Healthy

The password is: happy   Read more

Happy is the New Healthy

The password is: happy Read more


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Happy is the New Healthy

Password: 1234 Read more

Day 4: A Gift For You

You’ve probably heard the word thousands of times…“Mindfulness.” Maybe you practice it. Maybe you don’t. I tend to avoid using fancy words often tossed around in the wellness world. I’m talkin’ words like “mindfulness” or “contentment” or “equanimity” or “enlightened.” Instead, how about this: LIVE IN THE (freakin) MOMENT! Ready…… Read more

Day 3: In a Rush? Want to Feel Happy FAST?

Welcome to Day 3. Before I begin, if you need to catch up on the first two days of this Mini-Course,, check out Day 1 (visit here) and Day 2 (visit here). I know you’re in a hurry…we all are. From the second we wake up, we’re on our phones… Read more

Day 1: Meet The Happiness Champions of the World

They know the secret to life. Literally. They are extremely rare, making up .00000085 percent of the global population. That means of the seven billion people on the planet, there are approximately sixty of these people alive today. They are fueled by their resilience, humor, and joie de vivre. They… Read more

Day 2: Two Minutes to Happiness (VIDEO)

In all of two minutes, you will simulate the feeling of intense stress when your kids are yelling while you’re stuck in traffic, or your boss is going crazy! And then, magically, you will RISE ABOVE the stress with grace and a deep sense of joy. All of that in… Read more

Dave Romanelli (Happy is the New Healthy)

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On Sunday, I’m launching a free seven day meditation series. It’s called Meditate ON…YOU are Beautiful. It’s a reminder that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be in life. Everything you’re dealing right now is there to strengthen you, teach you, guide you. This seven day meditation series will… Read more


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Meditation for a Calm Mind

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Dave Romanelli – Happy is the New Healthy

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