The C Word At Work

b23dce469ae1c0a3ede474f8ff9c748dIt keeps coming up in so many conversations:

“I hate my job.”

I’d say almost half of everyone I know, to some degree, hates what they do for a living.

It usually comes down to one of three reasons:

—“I can’t stand the person I work for or with.”

—“I work ridiculous hours and I’m exhausted.”

—“I have a great job, but I’m bored out of my mind…every single day.  My talent and my passion have nothing to do with my career”

To go on feeling this way day after day and year after year drains the life out of you.

I’ve been there. My wife has been there.

When one person in your household is miserable, everyone bears that pain.

If you are reading this and nodding your head, you might be wondering, “Where’s the relief? Where do I go from here?”

You have bills and kids and responsibilities. I get it. It’s not like you are going to quit tomorrow and snap into another job the next day.

So change has to start somewhere. I’m here to tell you at the beginning of yet another week: Change begins in your mind.

Before you can change jobs, you have to change the way you think.

Here are a few simple ideas on how to do that.


Someone once told me, “You don’t work for a company, you work for a manager.”

If you manage or have people that report to you, as much as you don’t want to hear it, you have a big, big impact on their job satisfaction.

And if you aren’t a manager, you might be saying, “I hear you, Dave… I can’t stand the person I work for.”

Manager or not, what’s one simple thing you can do for your co-workers?

Have a non-work related conversation with them once a day.

Easy to say, and hard to do when your day is slammed, you’re stressed, and you barely have a moment for yourself let alone someone else.

But what good is another busy day without a soulful moment?

The simplest question might just reveal that your co-worker or employee is, like you,  real and vulnerable.

Try these:

“What was the best part of your weekend?”

“Where’s your next vacation?”

“Who’s a better athlete, Usain Bolt or Simone Biles?”


Your brain has approximately 90 billion nerve cells which are linked together by, quite literally, trillions of connections called synapses.

In other words, your brain is like a turbocharged Ferrari. But most of us can’t handle all that horsepower.

I was speaking to someone this weekend who told me how terrible her life is, how her health is in shambles, and how little hope she has.

Yet, she’s beautiful, super smart, has a nice career, amazing children, and an awesome husband.

Her mind slams into into the wall before she even starts the car in the morning.

Maybe you can relate?

Take a moment, right now, to gain control of your mind. Take a deep breath. Slow things down a notch.



Take a mindfulness class. Read books by people you aspire to. Make just one new friend who views life differently.

Most of us do the same things with the same people and look at the same websites and eat the same foods only to find ourselves stuck in the dungeon.

It’s time to think your way out of the dungeon.

Someone recently gave me a book, Letting Go, by David Hawkins. It sat on my nightstand for months. MONTHS!

And then I finally picked it up and it had me in the first paragraph. The premise is this:

“The world can only see us as we see ourselves.”

Before you redo your resume and ponder the seemingly impossible task of changing jobs…there is a much easier step.

Change the way you think. It doesn’t need to cost much in terms of time or money.

A game changing book like Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind might cost you $12.

An infusion of positivity in an online mindfulness program takes no more than 10 minutes a day for 21 days and starts TODAY.

A new friend who thinks differently is one conversation away in the break room.

Changing the way you think is your way of saying to the world…”I am taking a fresh approach. I BELIEVE there is something new for me out there. And I am curious.”

As Einstein said: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

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