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Here’s how I start my day.

At 6am, I get my son out of his crib, give him a kiss on his still baby-soft cheek, and carry him down the stairs.

He waddles around and opens the shades as I get his bottle warmed up.

Then I light some sage and explain to him that it’s a new day, a beautiful day, and the sage symbolizes the chance to start fresh.

I’m not sure he understands the words, but I think at some deep level, the scent and the smoke and the intention mean something to him.

But today, I had a really hard time starting fresh.

After the shooting in Orlando, to explain to an innocent child that today we are starting fresh, sounded as if we were just rolling with the tragedy and moving on.

Is that the right way to handle it?

Last week there was so much in the news about Mohammaed Ali. And what made him such a legend was that he spoke out against a war in a far flung corner of the world. Most people just rolled with Vietnam because they had to.

After having Passover dinner several years ago with a concentration camp survivor, and seeing the tattoo the Nazis imprinted on his body, and to think how many German citizens just rolled with the Holocaust because they had to.

And here we are in 2016. Shootings happen all the time. The whole gun control debate is going nowhere. There is a stalemate and it’s not just in Washington.

I can’t talk to my parents about politics. My wife can’t talk to her parents about politics. And if we can’t find a way to have a dialogue in our own families, how can we expect our policitans to fare any better?

So there is a huge rupture in our culture. And out of that dark rupture emerge violent people with violent weapons.

Are we just going to roll with it?

Our kids and grandkids will look back on these times of mass shootings and say, “What did you do about it?”

To sit there and tell our kids and grandkids, “There was nothing we could do.” Well, that’s pretty sad and I know that you and I are better than that.

Now look. Most of you reading this have your hands full in life. So marching on Washington or writing a letter to the NRA is probably way off your (and my) radar.

And most of you reading this probably give your all to your family and your job. Your plate is full!

But the dark forces in our world are darker and closer than we thought.

After the Orlando shooting on Sunday, the Los Angeles police found a man with a car full of explosives literally 5 minutes from my home.

So we have to double down on positivity, love, and hope.

To the most cutting of you out there, I might sound naive. But hey, I’m a dad these days, and children don’t respond to cutting, nor pessimism, nor worry.

Are adults really any different? Even the greatest pessimists among us…need more attention, more hope, more love.

So here’s what I can do and maybe, hopefully, I can inspire you…

I’m gonna CRANK the volume on positivity, love and hope.

—I’ve stared working with a team of two YeahDav’ers (if you can imagine such a thing) who are ready to take the light and shine it brighter.

—If you’ve enjoyed my weekly sprinkling of positivity in your inbox…i’m about to double the dose. You’ll be hearing more from me. More light, more passion, more positivity.

— If watching the news scares the bejesus out of you, I’m doing a massive renovation of my website which will be finished in the next month. Hop on over to and feel happier in 10 seconds or less.

None of this will do anything to heal the pain of those who lost loved ones in Orlando.

Nor will it prevent another mass shooting.

Nor will it even heal the rupture in my own family.

But the Nazis were beaten. Vietnam ended. And so will this dark period of mass shootings.

We all have a choice on how to respond to these challenging times.

And sometime in the future, you might be asked…

Did you just roll with it?

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