If you are ready to graduate from a nervous life and enjoy each day from a place of trust, power, and appreciation…

If you are ready to cut loose the clinging nature of all your neuroses (“I’m gonna run out of money.” “Someone is gonna die!”  “I’m drowning in emails, bills, fears”)…


Over the course of 21 days, move through your anxiety and live differently, more peacefully, more in the natural flow of life and less in the toxic flow of a nervous mind.

If you are ready to shed the life you feel like you’ve been cursed with and instead, live the life you deserve!

If anxiety is part of your reality, and you are ready for change, here are answers to some of your questions: 


1. How does this program work?

This is a program that combines 1 on 1 coaching, and a guided audio experience that will inspire daily action to take steps forward and disarm the triggers that cause anxiety.

The alternative is another day, another week, another month, another year filled with the same nervous thoughts, wasteful worries, and circular patterns that make you feel stuck and overwhelmed.



Awaken each morning for 21 mornings to an empowering audio message that will shed light on the reality of anxiety. Before you can conquer The Beast, you must be willing to look it in the eyes. 



Midway through the program, you and I will have a private thirty minute 1 on 1 coaching call and go in depth on what it feels like to be buckled to your knees with anxiety…AND THEN, what it feels like to be empowered, liberated and kicking ASS!




A large part of this program will include mindfulness techniques and meditations for anxiety. Meditation is one of the most practical tools for working through anxiety. By investing in this program, you will receive a 1 year subscription to my online guided meditations (Meditate ON).

The daily guided experienced, narrated by Yours Truly, will give you tools to disentangle your thoughts and embrace a sense of mental strength and freedom. It will take all of 7-10 minutes. If you can’t listen in the morning, you can listen on the way to work, at lunch, or before you go to bed. For an example, listen to this sample chapter from my new book and get a taste for my style of inspiration.

2. Where does this program take place?

You don’t have to travel anywhere or cancel anything. This program is designed to suit your schedule. All I ask is that you make 7-10 minutes each day to digest the content, initiate new habits, and take a deep breath…trusting in something greater than nerves and fears. 

3. How will this improve my life?

I will guide you on a journey giving you the confidence, tools, and knowledge to live from a deeper place. A few of the tenets of this program will include:



Epictetus said that “alleviating anxiety is a matter of correcting erroneous perceptions.” In other words, Get Your Mind Right and you get your anxiety under control. Mental strength is the name of the game.



Anxiety is the shadow of intellect.  In other words, if you have anxiety, you are probably thinking too much.  As Steve Jobs said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”



Anxiety saps our ability to focus, relax, sleep, create. Think of this program as preventative health. It will give you lasting tools to be more present, more focused, and happier in the face of everyday stresses and realities.

4. Dave, sounds interesting but why are you the man for the job?

It takes one to know one. I have struggled with anxiety for years.

I know the feeling. I know the struggle. And after almost 20 years in yoga and meditation and publishing two book on happiness and present moment awareness, I’ve worked through my anxiety and want to help you work through yours. I will be less like your psychologist or even coach and more like your wingman on the daily journey of life.

–The daily audio message will include lighthearted stories and current events intended to make you feel connected, not isolated.

–The 1 on 1 coaching session will create a personal and longstanding connection.

–The meditations will help you assimilate the lessons over the long term.

5. How can I signup?

If you have had enough of anxiety and are ready to take a bold step forward, this is a program intended to have a lasting impact on your quality of life and state of mind:

-21 Meditations to Soothe Anxiety 
-1 on 1 Coaching Session (Value $175)
-1 Year Subscription to Meditate ON (Value $120)

This program is 21 days but the 1 Year Subscription allows you to assimilate the experience over the course of 12 months and make bold, positive steps toward a more peaceful life.


Testimonials about 21 Days to Soothing Anxiety

“At the beginning of the program, I was skeptical about how well meditation would help to soothe my anxiety. But after my one-on-one conversation with Dave (the best part of the program), I re-centered and was able to take the messages in each meditation to heart. I loved how each recording focused on one topic, which I could apply to my daily life right away. I also loved the little stories and anecdotes that came with each meditation – they made the whole experience relatable and fun!”
Erin, Pittsburgh
“21 Days To Soothing Anxiety is practical, enjoyable, personable and it WORKS. I have finally learned how to meditate. I look forward to making this a part of my everyday routine. Thank you Dave for making this journey so real.”
Marty, Highland Park
“Dave offers great insights and a simple perspective that I can totally relate to! Even though I have been practicing meditation for years, I got a lot out if this series.”
Judith, Delray Beach


“David’s unique storytelling takes the participant on a magical journey into oneself and reminds us to slow down, relax and enjoy every moment of our precious lives.”
JD, Novato, CA
“This series really changed my perspective on things and made my days so much better. I am happier, have more energy and things really seem to be heading in a great direction! I would recommend this to anyone, this program with get you on the right track and have loving your life and living in the moment. You will start noticing things you had overlooked that will make your days better! Fantastic and best money I have spent in a long time.”
Cindy, Scotch Plains, NJ
“This journey really stoked my fire!”
Elaine, Scottsdale, AZ