A 7 Day Program to Sooooothe Your Teenager’s Anxiety



I’ve heard from so many of you asking for ways to help your kids cope with anxiety and stress.

I get it! I was a nervous, anxious kid so I can relate.

I’m leading a seven day online program to soothe your kids’ anxieties… and help them live from the most awesome, confident place each and every day this school year.

To tell you more…

We all have different thoughts in our head…

They might sound a little something like this:

“If I don’t do well on this test tomorrow I am going to flunk out of school which would mean never getting a job which would mean living on my parents couch the rest of my life. Ugh, I hate myself!”


“She has a boyfriend and I don’t. She’s got perfect skin and I don’t. She has tons of friends on Instagram and I have 12. My life is TERRIBLE!”


“If I don’t hit a home run in tonight’s game then our season will be over and it is all because of ME!”

We all need tools to cope with the anxiety of school, friends, and all the other stresses of life.

I ask for ten minutes each day. That’s it. Ten minutes. You press play and just listen. I will help you relax and give you tools to overcome stress and soothe your anxiety so you can feel better about yourself and make this an awesome year at school and in life. These tools include:

-Relaxation practices to help your kids sleep better and feel calmer when they are getting overwhelmed

-Methods to focus in school even when they are stressed and anxious

-Tools to increase self-confidence and build resilience 


Each day for seven days, I will send you and your kids a ten minute guided audio session that will teach your kids how to focus and meditate. This little bit of meditation will give them the power to turn down the volume on the hater, the doubter, and the quitter…and turn UP the volume on the awesome, confident, happy parts of their personality. This program is really simple. Just press play!


Research proves that meditation helps teens to reduce stress, regulate emotions and boost grades. A study released by the University of Cambridge showed that teenagers who suffered from higher levels of anxiety were the ones who benefited most from meditation. And the Washington Post reports that just after just eight weeks of meditation, there is visible change in parts of the brain responsible for attention and memory. 


Dave, why you?

It takes one to know one. I have struggled with anxiety for years. I know the feeling. I know the struggle.  And most recently, I have partnered with the University of Southern California to design meditations that improve mental health in youth. 

I have written two books, both of which reached #1 on Amazon’s Self-Help and Healthy Living Bestseller List. These books made wellness entertaining and relevant, both key ingredients to connecting with teenagers.

And best of all, school psychologist Carrie Reilly (M.Ed, NCSP) will be consulting to ensure this program is aligned with the latest research and education trends. 



How can I signup?

If you want to give your kids the opportunity to work through their anxiety, relieve stress, learn to meditate, and gain tools they will have the rest of their lives…

…Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety is totally free. 

 Got any questions? We are here at info@yeahdave.com

Take 1 Minute to Meditate


Testimonials about Previous Kids Programs

“My kids love Dave’s goofiness and excitable energy! He makes wellness concepts fun and totally relatable.”
Erin, Phoenix
“At first my 14 yr old son just rolled his eyes at me & at Dave’s Happiness for Kids videos. BUT THEN, I saw him giggling during certain parts of the videos, I guess that meant he saw “himself.” I have spent tons of money on books & videos on a love & logic course to no avail. This actually works, because he could relate to Dave’s message through his silliness! I now finally get a “thank you” & “this is good mom” as well as him catching himself & redirecting his attitude! THANK YOU!”
Sara, Portland
“Dave did a great job with enthusiasm, as always!! He makes my kids laugh & they both asked every Sunday & Wednesday if the new Happiness for Kids videos had arrived.”
Maggie, Chicago
“Whatever he does, it just works. My kids love it. Dave’s lessons help them relax, and he makes it cool for them to want to meditate, chill, and live in the moment..”
Eli, Shaker Heights, OH
“My kids repeat Dave’s mantra over and over again. Be. Happy. Now!”
Elaine, Scottsdale, AZ