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I’m guessing you had a grandparent whom you loved, or who loved you. 

Grandparents are special to families for so many reasons…

-Their wisdom and perspective

-The food that they nourish us with

-Their special kind of love

-They are great listeners and add emotional support

For these reasons alone, the elderly should have a special place in American culture. 

Yet, it’s very hard getting old in America. Often, our elderly become invisible. They do not hold a prominent place in the cultural conversation.  If they are lucky, they might live in a retirement home. But many American elderly are living alone, falling through the cracks. 

There will come a day when each of us is in the twilight of our lives. It can be a wonderful time when you are surrounded by family…

OR…. it can be a terribly lonely time when you are neglected, running out of money, and isolated.

3.4 million seniors age 65 and older live below the poverty line. And many more are low on resources, have little or no family to lean on, and struggle for the basic comforts like heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, and just a little TLC every so often.

There’s a Native American saying, “The power of the world always works in circles…”

In other words, how we treat the elderly today will say much about how we are treated when we reach that stage of life. What comes around goes around!

I invite you to embrace the Circle of Love with the elderly living among us. These are the TRUE GURUS with the deep wisdom of a long life. There is an organization that is trying to bring more attention to this issue:




Search and Care is a non-profit organization that cares for the aging and elderly who are falling through the cracks. Their mission is to seek out older people in the community who need help, and to provide them the support and companionship they need to retain their cherished independence. Search and Care gives them the chance to live at home as long as it is safely possible.  

“Hope is your strongest weapon. Never give up hope!”
Mrs. L, 87, Search and Care client


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I invite you to embrace the wisdom of seven elders loved and supported by Search and Care. These seven elders have AMAZING life lessons that will help you remember that you are greater than your problems, stronger than your circumstances and know that you can and you will always overcome…so long as you keep on truckin!

By sharing just a little love, a $19.95 donation that goes entirely to Search and Care’s efforts to ensure older people can age at home in familiar communities for as long as is safely feasible-with dignity, quality of life, and peace of mind…

…you will receive 7 days of wisdom from seven elders who have lived through generations of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, illnesses and healings! 

A Search and Care Client and MIRACLE SURVIVOR

To give you an example of who you will learn from in this seven day program…

Ms. L, now 87, was born in Tiberius, Israel; she is proud of the fact that she’s a 7th generation Israeli on her mother’s side. Many miracles have occurred in her life, including having had polio at the age of 5, unable to walk for nearly a year, and shortly thereafter all signs of the disease were undetectable.

As a teenager Ms. L was recruited to join the Haganah, the underground militia that became the framework for the Israeli Defense Force. At the age of 20, in the elite Commando unit of the IDF, Ms. L fought in the War of Independence, was wounded, and captured by the Jordanians. Despite no medical treatment, she survived and was returned to her homeland in an exchange of prisoners.

Watch her story:




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