“You Don’t Use Email?!”

Imagine how your world might change if you didn’t use email.

Inconvenient? YES

Liberating? YES

There are many people on the shoulders of life who are totally FREE from email. Think about it.

The very young don’t use email (yet).

My 3 year-old already wishes he had his own iPhone, but he’ll have to wait another 10 years (at least!)

And many of the very oldest among us don’t use email.

I recently had a conversation with a 93 year-old named Addie, who by the way, is about the coolest nonagenarian I’ve ever met.

I asked her to send me a picture so I could share her story with you.

Well, this 93 year-old does not use email. So she wanted to send me the photo in the mail.

This was a throwback to another time in life, like the 1980s or the 1960’s or the 1920’s, when you had to send something like a photo across thousands of miles.

I’d much rather live in the present moment when we can cover thousands of miles with one click.

But something is lost in our need for speed and efficiency. There’s not enough time each day to breathe, laugh, and enjoy.

I want to share with you the exchange I had with 93 year-old Addie when we were trying to figure out how to get this photo.

To anyone out there who struggles with patience and wants to make good use of every minute in the day…

…you need these 18 minutes to relax, breathe, and take a moment of FREEDOM.

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