My Dream Home (Come Inside)


What does it really feel like to live in your Dream Home? Is it the feeling of your neighborhood, furniture and back yard…or is it the feeling of your energy, heart, and soul?

Each morning, I’ll drive through this really beautiful neighborhood called Brentwood on the way to get my coffee.

I’d very much like to one day settle in this neighborhood.. So I’m seeing it, smelling it, living it…even eating it.

The other day, I had lunch at a Brentwood restaurant. I was sitting next to these two well-dressed “gentlemen” and I could not help but overhear their conversation.

They were clearly of means, with the word “millions” coming up again and again. I imagined they lived in the gorgeous homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

One of these guys did most of the talking.

He started telling a sad story of how his now ex-wife left him. She always complained that he was not available to her, that he was not sensitive to her needs. And then, she left him for a younger guy “who has no money. “

The guy pleaded with his friend, “How could she leave me for a guy with no money?!”

He was grieving to his friend the whole lunch.

Even if he lived in the most beautiful Brentwood abode, he struck me as LOST, totally uncomfortable, missing the feeling of truly being at Home.

He was lost in the way we all get lost…by forgetting that our purpose here is to find ourselves, to figure out what we do best, and then use it to make the world a better place.

Instead, we climb the ladder and equate how high we get by the neighborhood we live in, the schools we send our kids to, our title at the company..

But on the ascent, we lose touch with our health, our relationships, our purpose.

The most successful people I know first found themselves. They figured out who they were and focused their career around that bare, natural truth to make the world better.

For example…

Friend #1 is super generous. He’ll do anything for the people he cares about. That includes his clients, his family, his kids. It took him a while to find his career path, but he kept giving from his heart and his clients realized how special this quality was.

Generosity is his rocket fuel and when you’re around him, you can feel it! And if you can’t, he’ll give you what you need to bust free.

Friend #2 wants everyone to have FUN. He will make sure you are smiling, unleashing your natural self, and he’ll do whatever it takes to create an environment where you can be…YOU! He treated his business relationships the same way, and lo and behold, he won the deals.

Because everyone…EVERYONE…wants to unleash and have fun, especially when you’re hangin’ with this dude. Now he’s built his own business and it’s a family atmosphere. His team feels like he truly cares not just about their results but their quality of life.

Friend #3 seeks the most beautiful experience in every moment. And she will make sure you taste, see, hear, and feel the same. She’s built a business around curating beauty that is accessible in every moment.

Most of the world defines beauty as how you appear, but she defines beauty as what you taste. And when you are around her, you see all that is beautiful in the world rather than all that is not.

To summarize:

Friend #1: Share the wealth!
Friend #2 Let er rip! Might as well have fun along the way…
Friend #3: Beauty is everywhere. Try some!

But that guy at lunch? You couldn’t help but think that he had lost touch with who he was.

And sometimes we all lose touch with who we are and then, we lose touch with that important question:

How can I make the world a better place?

It starts with getting to know yourself even better than you already do.

Your true Home, your dream home, is not a physical structure. Rather, it’s living comfortably in your own self and sharing that each and every day.

Someone once asked a Buddhist monk, “I’m so sad. I’ve given my heart away to my job and my family… and I have nothing left.”

And the Buddhist monk said, “Never give your heart away. Instead, invite the world to live in your heart.”

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