To My Fellow Lazy-Asses:

To My Fellow Lazy-Asses:

Last week, I put my Christmas tree outside with the trash bins.

But the next day, I noticed the trash collectors didn’t take my tree.

I was begrudgingly hauling the tree into the back of my car to find some trash bin somewhere to dump it.

And I noticed, it was somebody else’s tree. It wasn’t my tree. I didn’t need to do this. And so I just left it there.

“Let the neighbor deal with their own tree.”

And that attitude gets me nowhere, gets my community nowhere, gets my country nowhere, and basically just makes me an employee of the world, depending on somebody else to take care of it.

Here I am, a self-proclaimed healer with increasing emphasis on growth and building a future, helping the world, and I leave that Christmas tree to sit and rot with the trash…for another week.

I consider this a missed breakthrough.

I tend to miss the little breakthroughs because I’m searching for the big one.

By little breakthroughs, I mean:

Picking up somebody else’s trash because while they might act like an employee, all the more reason for you to OWN it!

Giving 21% instead of the usual 20% tip because the waitress brought you joy with your food, and she didn’t have to do that.

Scanning the parking meters to see whose has expired, and pay their meter. Buy them another hour. Your 50 cents will save that person $50. That is a damn good return on investment…in the community.

Poet John O’Donahue writes,

“May the nourishment of the earth be yours.

“May the clarity of light be yours.

“May the fluency of the ocean be yours.

“May the protection of the ancestor be yours.

“May the graciousness of wisdom be yours.

“And so may the slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to tend your life.”

You who are reading this, you are probably not a kid, and you are probably not a very old person. You are in the prime of your life, like me.

This is our time, our chance to be an owner, not an employee of the world.

Now of course, when we talk “ownership,” it’s usually about equity in a business, and whether or not that day is coming when we can cash out and be free!

But real ownership gets you so much more than a beautiful backyard with a blacktop pool and killer barbecue.

Real ownership gets you access to the mountains and the oceans and the skies and the stars. That is YOURS!

But first, throw away the neighbor’s gosh darn Christmas tree!

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