My #1 Guru in 2016

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to meet one of the few women in the world who has fought on the front line of a war.

She is an 87-year-old lady who battled and was injured in Israel’s War of Independence (1948). She was captured by the Jordanians and endured 5 months as a POW.

Even at 87, this lady is still very much a warrior. She demanded my close attention when we spoke.

She asked questions that required focus. I left feeling revitalized after a long NYC day.  How many 87-year-olds leave you ENERGIZED?!

She said something to me that was very awakening: “When you meet someone, if they don’t remember you, you have committed a sin. Because you are not making an impact. Make sure they remember you. That is your duty!”

Most of the people we meet will not remember us.

Whether because we were tired or uninterested or distracted, it’s rare that we make a deep impact on the people we meet over the course of any given day.

Here’s one very simple thing to focus on in 2016. At least once each day, make sure that someone remembers you. 

This is about energy.

When you dabble in energy, you make quantum leaps that aren’t possible through hard work or grit or intelligence.

As Carlos Castaneda said, “Impeccability is nothing else but the proper use of energy.”


My friend’s company had an incredible year in 2015. Explosive growth.

I asked what happened, and you would have expected him to say a solid, powerful organization, awesome social media, some new product lines. But no.

He answered, “Generosity is what happened.”

In other words, he kept the energy, the money, the resources flowing not just to his company, but through his company. It is a conduit for spreading spirituality, wealth, opportunity, and positivity.

What is your relationship with energy?

Before a meeting or conversation, do you ever consider how to impact people at an emotional level?

Most of us don’t think in terms of energy.

We think in terms of distractions: all the things on your mind, all the places you have to be, all the people you need to call back. And then, your energy is scattered and dispersed.

That’s what the Israeli lady was talking about. If you are always so busy and so distracted, nobody is remembering you.

I, personally, used to think that in order to be remembered, you needed to have a Ted Talk, or a certain net worth, or a certain set of accomplishments.

But if you met someone with 8,000,000 views on their Ted Talk or 8,000,000 followers on Instagram and they are too distracted or unhappy to pay attention to their partner or kids, what’s the point?

We are moved by and healed by and inspired by people who know how to manage their energy… who are ALL THERE.

These are people who share the full force of their being with others, not on social media, but in the flesh.

It starts with your very next conversation….

…If you can look them in the eye.

According to Business Insider, “Eye contact is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognized, understood and validated.”

…If you can tell them that stupid dad-joke that drives your wife crazy but causes a stranger to smile.

Fun fact: the average man smiles only 6 times each day.

…If you can ask them what they are most excited about in 2016.

You’d be surprised how much this question stumps people.

IMG_0838Once each day, make someone feel something… and rekindle the spark of humanity in your home, your workplace, your community.

There have been 800 lists of Top Trends to Watch for in 2016.

But I believe this is the most important trend of all.

2016: The year to restore the FEELING of being alive.


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