Finally, Some Good News!

A few years ago, I presented at a Wanderlust festival in Vermont.

I attended classed by some of the other presenters.

One of them was a talented and well-known woman who had everyone gather in a group circle. She played a song over the speaker system and everyone sang along. She spoke to us like 1st graders…and we LOVED it. Or I loved it!

Afterward, I overheard someone in the audience say,

“Could you believe that stupid f**king song she played?!”’

And yes, they used the F-bomb, which caught me off guard in that lovey vibe!


There will always be critics and usually the critics are the intellectuals. They analyze, they ideate (whatever that means), they research…and they can tell you what’s “good” and what’s “not” according to their society of other critical people.

Most of the time, the critics will find a way to pop your positivity bubble. It goes something like this.

You: I love my personal trainer.
Critic: You mean you love their a$$ and thighs.

You: I’m reading a great book about health and happiness.
Critic: “Be careful reading health books. You might die of a misprint.”

You: My son doesn’t get the best grades in school. But he’s a great son to me.
Critic: Didn’t you catch him with one of those marijuana cigarettes?

Maybe you know someone like that? A partner, a relative, a co-worker?

Well, get ready. The critics are coming home to roost.

We are about to experience a real life Hunger Games, a death match between Clinton and Trump to play out all summer and into the fall.

Negativity will be all over the media and it will stir up the critics in your family, your office, your community.

You’ve got to blast the bad with the good so this is a call to action to all the positive people out there!!!

Now more than ever, the world needs YOU to show some GRIT. and bring the POSITIVITY.

There’s a new book out about this subject (entitled GRIT) in which the author, Angela Duckworth, defines grit as a combination of:

1. Badass resilience
2. A deep belief in something

–Resilience means when you get a cutting remark from a critical person, and it might be someone you love very much, taking the high road and bringing the positivity!

Tell them Steph Curry is an alien. Tell them you love the new Dierks Bentley album. Tell them you just want to talk about something uplifting.

As Gandhi said so perfectly, “Do NOT walk your dirty feet through my mind.”

–Deep belief means you are an advocate for something Higher than hatred, doubt, worry, and fear.

And I know, the critics reading this right now are saying what the lady at Wanderlust said, “Yeah Dave, this is so f***ing stupid.”

It’s easy to become one of the people simmering in all the fear and doubt surrounding our world right now…

You have a right to your critique, of course.  You may even be correct.

But you do NOT have the right to drag anyone else down with you.

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