When Forgiveness is Impossible…


We all need what I am about to share with you.

At first, it’s going to hurt. A lot. But if you can handle that, the following will change your day, maybe your week, and possibly your life.

Last week I spoke at an event in Connecticut. The speaker before me had a story that pierced the hearts and demanded the attention of the deepest, greatest, Highest part of everyone in that room and everyone who comes in contact with her.

Her name is Scarlett Lewis and on December 14, 2012, her son Jesse was one of twenty young children who started the day at Sandy Hook Elementary School and ended the day in heaven.

A gunman opened fire that morning and forever changed the life of Scarlett and the other parents, relatives, friends, and communities connected to those 20 children and 6 adults.

In her book Nurturing Healing Love, Scarlett describes her unimaginable grief and darkness.

Now I know that many of you must be thinking, “Why would I want to read about this, Dave? I don’t look to you for pain.”

But there is something unbelievably healing in Scarlett’s story.

Jesse-Lewiss-message-300x224The night before the tragedy, Jesse scribbled on the chalkboard in his room: NORURTING HELIN LOVE.

Nurturing Healing Love.

These are not the words of a 6 year old.

But in some profound and mysterious way, Jesse wrote them on that chalkboard for Scarlett to find them after the tragedy, and they became her MISSION: encouraging people to choose the nurturing and healing qualities of love and FORGIVE.


Scarlett Lewis has survived the most excruciating grief and pain and turned it into a mission to make this world a better place. She inspires us all to do the same.

Whatever you are dealing with today…

…relationship struggles, work annoyances, health woes, or just the fact that you are back at it after a long weekend…

…you can overcome it…with love.

Shining that love on the darkest spots in your home, personal relationships, career, and community…creates the most miraculous healing.

We see that healing in the life and mission of Scarlett Lewis and we feel that healing in the memory of her son Jesse.

Ask yourself:

How are you broken? How are you hurting? What is troubling you? Where is your darkness?

Next time you go there, instead of dwelling and complaining…






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