Is Your Universe Hostile…or Friendly?

This keeps coming up for me: Are you living in a friendly universe…or a hostile one?

If you have a kid in rehab or you are overcoming cancer or even if you are stuck in gridlock traffic for an hour, the universe is pretty darn hostile.

If you see a double rainbow over the ocean in Kauai or hear your favorite band play your favorite song on the perfect summer evening, the universe is pretty darn friendly.

I’m guessing you’ve experienced both personalties.

It’s when we get stuck in hostile territory that things get dangerous.

Reach a critical mass of exposure to hostile news (ie CNN or Apple News), or a hostile inner dialogue, or a hostile relationship, and we can lose touch with the friendly universe. That’s a harsh place to be.

Seane Corn once said that when things aren’t right in her life, she holds a bigger picture over the situation.

How do you do that?

The #1 Book in the USA right now is a book called Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I’ve been reading it and I’ll be honest: I don’t understand a single thing that the author is talking about. Black holes and dark matter and dwarf galaxies. WTF?!

But clearly, if that’s the #1 book in the USA, people are expressing a real hunger to get back in touch with the bigger picture, with the stars and the skies and the universe.

There’s one part in the book where the author, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, is in a restaurant. And he gets his hot cocoa, but doesn’t see the whipped cream he requested.

The waitress says, “It must have sunk to the bottom.”

And deGrasse Tyson replies that, based on the laws of physics, whipped cream has low density and floats on all liquids that humans consume.

He says to the waiter, “I’ll offer you two explanations, either somebody forgot to add the whipped cream to my hot cocoa or the universal laws of physics are different in this restaurant.”

Unconvinced, the waiter defiantly brings over a dollop of whipped cream to demonstrate his claim. After bobbing once or twice, the whipped cream rose to the top, safely afloat.

Point being, the laws of physics govern each of our lives. We’re all playing by the same set of rules.

So why is life so hostile for some and so friendly for others?

As deGrasse Tyson states throughout his book, while there is so much we do know about the universe, so much of it is a mystery that we aren’t close to understanding. To straddle those two worlds is a very intriguing (and healthy) way to live.

You can live by the laws of physics


You can live in the mystery.

If you’re in hostile territory right now, you probably need more mystery, more Trust, more Faith.

Most of the people I know who live in friendly territory and have an abundance of good fortune sipping pink drinks on weekday mornings in Kauai…they have a beautiful relationship with the mystery of life. They believe that what they don’t know is far greater and far more powerful than what they do know.

–They are always willing to learn and grow. If they hear about a book you like, they’ll buy it. If they hear about a course you took, they’ll inquire. If they hear about a special event taking place, they’ll consider it. It’s never “Oh that’s not my thing” or “Oh I don’t read.”

–It’s NOT about what they have but WHO THEY ARE! If someone asks them what do they do for a living, they are likely to respond, “Before I tell you what I do, let me tell you who I am.”

–They have acquired a taste for uncertainty. When the earth shakes and the foundation shifts, as it does for everyone, they grow stronger!

As Rob Bell writes, “If we reject all inexplicable elements because we have made up our mind that such things aren’t possible, we run the risk of shrinking the world down to what we can comprehend. And what fun is that?”

So if you are holding tight to your miserable little corner of the universe, and God knows we have all been there…

Give the Unknown a chance to move through your heart and mind and muscles and joints.

Llsten carefully to what people are reading and hearing and seeing.

Open yourself to new music and knowledge and experiences.

Trust that what has wounded you deeply has a message for you, so long as you are willing to Receive it.

As Rachel Remen said, “Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go…”



If your universe has seemed a little too hostile recently…

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