Meditate ON…The Grateful Dead

Listen to the following podcast, a Grateful Dead Meditation…and let the Dead free your mind today.

For the first time since Jerry Garcia died in 1995, the Grateful Dead are back!

Tens of thousands of Deadheads packed the stadium south of San Francisco this past weekend.. Thousands more will fill Soldier Field in Chicago next weekend.

Who wants to see a bunch of dudes in their late 60’s and early 70’s play music?

Why do the Grateful Dead still matter?

While the Dead’s music is wide-ranging and classic… lullabies, road trip bust-outs, sunrise anthems.

There’s something greater than the music.

The Grateful Dead were (and are) plugged into a timeless vibration. You sense it in their music. But you really feel it in their presence.

They understood social media long before Facebook and Twitter. That’s why they let fans record their shows and become their marketers…spreading their music near and far.

But I can only write so much. The rest must be heard.  The above podcast share the Dead’s lasting and most relevant secret.

For those of you who love the Dead, this will surprise you.

For those of you who never cared about the Dead, this will tilt you in their favor.

For those of you who despise the Dead, this is about your mind, not their music.

While yoga reminds us that a vibrant inner life is way more powerful than a busy outer one…

The Grateful Dead make BOTH the inner and outer life a lot more fun!

Ready…set…Meditate ON The Grateful Dead.

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