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“Whether I’m performing in front of thousands or deep in parent zombie mode, I turn to Dave’s awesome advice for living fully and enjoy the moments that matter most!” – Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

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Massage Your Mind and Meditate ON

Let’s be honest. Meditation can be slow, boring, impossible for one with an active life. Not anymore! Meditate ON is meditation for the modern world. Focusing on subjects like SLEEP to FOCUS to LOVE, these meditation series are entertaining, relaxing, and accessible for everyone. Subscribe today and receive full access to all my meditation series, including series for kids.

The Hidden Gurus You’ve Never Heard About

A 7 day program to learn from the wisest people in the world, the elderly living among us. So many of our nation’s elderly are low on resources…and love. Sign up today for this 7 day program and ALL PROCEEDS go to Search and Care, the charity that keeps them warm, stocks their fridge, and gives them the love they deserve in their final years of life. 

21 Days to Soothing Anxiety

Feeling anxiety…like every single day? Ready for change? For 21 days: release anxiety and embrace peace of mind! This program combines 1 on 1 coaching with guided meditations to take you to a deeper, clearer, more peaceful life. 

Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety

For teenagers, there’s a lot going on. Homework, practice, getting into college, not to mention parties, and hundreds of emails and tex messages…not to mention all that social media. Teens, like adults, need tools to focus, relax, and enjoy what should be the best years of their lives. Soothing TEENAGE Anxiety


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Imagine a life without email. Inconvenient. But totally liberating! In this new podcast, I interview a 93 year-old who doesn’t use email. Our exchange shows my frustration . But ultimately, in my need for speech and efficiency, I’m the one missing out on life.

Near-Death Experience

This is Episode 1 of my podcast, 18 Minutes…in which I’ll share the wisdom from the oldest and wisest. Jacki, 81, looks closer to 51. Maybe it’s genetics. Or maybe it’s because she once had a near-death experience where her heart stopped for twenty minutes. What she during that experience was amazing, but even more … Read more