How I Overcame Anxiety



я бы так чертовски много, чтобы сделать сегодня

मैं तो आज बहुत कुछ करना कमबख्त है

These are the Chinese, Russian, and Hindi translations for: “I have so f*cking much to do today!”

Almost everyone, everywhere in the world is busy beyond belief.

I recently downloaded an app called Periscope. It allows you to pull up a map and click on any region in the world.

You can watch people streaming LIVE video of their life. You’ll catch people in Peru, or Moscow, or Sydney, or Doha. And they are all busy…surrounded by other busy people.

2 billion people now have smartphones.

That means you can send some dude in Sub-Saharan Africa a picture of your triple shot caramel latte and he’ll send you back a picture of the sun setting over the Kalahari.

Pretty awesome!

But then…you are busy at work…and that dude in Sub-Saharan Africa wants to show you a picture of his new girlfriend.

And then he sends you another picture of the sun rising.

And then another…and before long, you’ve got a text-happy new friend.

So are we just supposed to be busier and busier for the rest of our lives?

I will tell you what’s been working for me! This is how I overcame anxiety. Or better yet, how I’m working through it.

When I look outside the window of my apartment in NYC, I see one tree. But it’s so close to my building, I can literally touch it.

For those of you who live in places with many trees…let me just say…in NYC, it’s a luxury to be able to reach outside your window and touch a tree.

–During Hurricane Sandy, this tree almost cracked in half. We watched it from the window that night…

Sandy’s wind gusts bent this tree sideways over and over at impossible angles. We rooted it on to stand back up..and it did…barely surviving the night.

–My son and I stood and watched this tree through the early Spring as it slowly bloomed back to life after another long East coast winter. I explained to him, “SPRING IS HERE!”

–This tree thrives in the most urban environment. I watch it endure the cold and heat, noise and chaos of NYC. It keeps going, day after day, year after year.

Who knew that one tree…ONE TREE…could be so meaningful!

Preacher Ed Dobson, who once led thousands in his sermons at a church Michigan, developed ALS. He now can only deliver a sermon to one person at a time. He said, “My struggle is you would think influencing thousands is more important than influencing one. But I’m gradually learning that influencing one is way more important.”

The power of one thing, one tree, one person, one reader, one moment… matters!

But in today’s world, will one person keep your business afloat? Will one follower move the needle on social media? Can $1 dollar even buy a coffee?

That’s the fork in the road that so many of us are standing in right now.

Go one way and you trust that one customer treated right will be your evangelist for life. One follower with whom you connect deeply will spread your content near and far. One moment in the summer sun will do more for your creativity than 100 cups of coffee.

“One” can heal your mind…and restore your sanity.

But go the other way, and you’ve got a firehose! You’ll never win the battle to keep up with everything you could be doing today.

What we are seeking is NOT clarity of the inbox but clarity of the heart.

As you head into your day…you, with so much f*cking to do…will you try this experiment?

Today, take one step at a time. Pour all you’ve got into each interaction. Each email. Each conversation.

You may get less done. You may piss off a few people you didn’t get back to. You may feel like you are missing something.

But as the tree outside my window might attest…in the eternal scope of summers and winters and summers and winters: “I am so f*cking busy,” means nothing.

“I am so f*cking grateful”, or “I am so f*cking alive,” or “I am so f*cking blessed”…that’s the stuff that truly powers the world

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