How to Heal the Pain

“You have to cut deeper with your work.”

I kept hearing that from people.

I assumed it meant there was another level to reach, another level of power, connection, impact.

But just waking up earlier or drinking more coffee or even meditating more was not working. I needed the technique to actually CUT DEEPER.

Yesterday I sat down my teacher, Seane Corn. I don’t know anyone who cuts deeper.

From being in Haiti right after the earthquake to bringing love and healing to the pandemic of Aids in Africa, to the protests at Standing Rock, Seane is there, at ground zero, a voice for change.

If there was a way for her to go to Syria right now, she would go.

I asked Seane, “Did you see that 7 year-old Syrian girl who was Tweeting for help in what might have been the final moment of her life? What can people do to help that girl?”

Instead of just saying to give money online, Seane really tells you how to help.

She said, “Pray. That’s the first thing you can do. I shut my eyes, and acknowledge the pain and the suffering, I acknowledge the ways our modern society is ignoring these abuses, and I send as much love and healing to the people that are there.”

And I said, “But what good are prayers gonna do for that girl?”

She answered, “Don’t be apathetic. Take a moment to acknowledge them. Offer love. These are human beings like we are who love their children like we do and who NEVER anticipated this would be their life story.”

“And if they are dying, let it be swift and painless and wherever they go, let there be more peace and ease than this particular lifetime.”

Seane puts herself into the moment, into the suffering. She’s there with those people in Aleppo, even as they die.

Talking to her, I felt so ALIVE, probably because we talked so much about death.

And y’know, most people I love are people with whom I drink wine, and numb out to life. That feels good, no doubt. But my world, our world, is way too numb.

Seane is one of those very special, rare few who NEVER numbs out. She wants you, and me, to feel as much as we can, all the joy and the suffering and the ecstasy and the agony. The more you can handle, the more ALIVE you will be.

When you are most ALIVE, you have the power to awaken people, many of whom are half-asleep.

Your friend who hates her job and has a lousy marriage and just endures. WAKE UP!

Your co-worker who is always distracted, always stressed, always exhausted. WAKE UP!

YOU, who are always overwhelmed with the kids and the errands and all the work. WAKE UP!

When we go through our days lost and half-asleep in our own little world, we contribute to the suffering that exists in the larger world around us.

Those people in Aleppo are just hoping for another minute, maybe another day, if all goes well, another week.

They are literally praying, right now, for the right to take this next breath and stay ALIVE.

Let’s take one together, with them…and for them.


Beyond prayers, here is a way another way to help.

Seane Corn is part of my 2017 program, AT ONE, AT LAST. For every explorer who commits to this journey, a portion of your investment will go toward OFF THE MAT, INTO THE WORLD, Seane’s charity, which has raised millions for humanitarian relief all over the planet.

To tell you more…

Seane Corn is one of those very special teachers, and her message you just read was only the tip of the iceberg.

As part of AT ONE, AT LAST, Seane will guide you on a 66 day journey, 10 minutes each day, to connect with, fight for, and LIVE ON PURPOSE.

AT ONE AT LAST, a six month journey to feel ALIVE and AWAKE in your relationships, your business, and your health.

We can’t save the world, let alone our family, until we, as individuals, are healed and powerful.

This program, AT ONE AT LAST, will ask you to start by making a commitment to yourself, day in and day out, for six months.

BIG growth, MASSIVE change, requires little steps, each day.

From there, your impact will expand outward to your family, your community, your business, and then the world at large.

But it all starts with the work you do when you wake up each morning, how you take care of yourself, the type of thoughts you choose, the type of attitude you cultivate.

Here is a moment to make a choice for change, and for growth, a choice that will have an enduring impact.

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