How to Leave Nothing on the Table!


In my 10 years of blogging, there is one blog that people have asked me about most.

It’s the story of an unclaimed lottery ticket.

In case you missed it…

In June 2011, someone walked into the Pilot Travel Center truck stop along I-20 in Georgia, located just over the border from Alabama.

They bought a Powerball lottery ticket and chose these numbers: 24, 30, 45, 57 and 59 and the “Power Ball” of 26.

They won!

$77,000,000.00 (aka 77 million dollars!)

Get ready for this…

…they never stepped forward to claim the prize!!!!

The 180 day deadline passed and the ticket expired.


It happens all the time.

Last year alone, the lottery commission reported unclaimed prizes of $52 million…

What’s the point of buying a ticket if you aren’t looking to see if you won?!?!?!

Well…YOU do it all the time! Yes YOU.

This notion of The Unclaimed Prize pertains to everyone.

Let’s take a moment to clarify The Ultimate Prize. Is it really a matter of accumulating massive wealth? Maybe for some.

But for most of us, there’s something even better, something you can win today.

It’s making the most of the life you have right now…not the life you hope to have in the future.

Poet Dominic Owen said, “Remember that every day contains a universe of potential; exhaust it. Live and love so immensely that when death comes there is nothing left for him to take.”

Any night you go to sleep without exhausting the potential of the day…is another Unclaimed Prize.

Which means we all leave a lot on the table.


It’s not money or lack thereof.

It’s fear and anxiety!

“We go to far greater lengths to avoid what we fear than to do what we love.”

We spend so much of our lives running from our demons and warding off our worst case scenarios…

…and just when you start to realize you’re gonna be ok…it’s time to wind down the journey.

But what if you could put anxiety in it’s rightful place and…

Leave nothing on the table!

On July 6, I’m launching a 21 day journey to Soothe Anxiety.

If you’ve tried in the past to address your anxiety…this will be a very different approach.

As you know, I’m not a loin-cloth wearing svelte and shiny guru-man eating vegan noodles in Jaipur.

I’m grinding it out in NYC and I have found my balm in exotic chocolate, Grateful Dead tunes, and the undying smile of my 6 month old baby!

That’s where the healing happens! The moments you have…not the moments you long for.

If fear and anxiety stand between you and enjoying your life…

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