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Welcome to 2017!

New Year. New You.

But wait.

The boss still needs that project done.

The kids still need you to cook them dinner.

Your partner still insisting you go with them somewhere that you don’t want to go.

What is different about 2017?!

If you plan to start January the same way you’ve started past January’s, nothing will change.

So I asked you before the New Years weekend, “What are you going to do differently everyday in 2017 to ensure positive change?”

Some of your responses:

“Going to bed by 9:30 so I can wake up refreshed, not have to drink so much coffee, and feel better!”

“Show my family how much I love them…everyday!”

“I work too much. I want to have more fun! If things fall apart because I’m having more fun, then so be it!”

If you could take a moment to answer that question: What new habit are you going to do practice EVERYDAY in 2017 to ensure positive growth and change?

I thought I knew what my new new habit was going into 2017.

But something keeps coming up for me, in every book and every article and every podcast. And I know there’s a message there for me…and for you:


Last year, someone gave me a book by Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known. They said it was the single most transformative book they’d ever read.

That book has been at the edge of my shelf, staring me down, as if to say, YO DAVE READ ME!

Finally, last night, I turned to a random page:

“If you have a blunt instrument, you cannot go deeply.

“So what we are doing is sharpening the instrument that is your mind.

“You can penetrate deeply only if your mind is sharp as a needle and strong as a diamond.”

The blunt instrument is the distracted mind, forever lost to the needs of the day.  It’s a terrible waste, and it makes you, and me, entirely forgettable.

If your habit this year was to make yourself memorable to one new person each day, it would be the most AMAZING thing.

Can you make yourself memorable to a co-worker, or the cashier at the supermarket, or someone waiting in line behind you at the coffee shop?

That would take looking up from your phone, offering to buy a stranger their coffee, noticing if someone behind you in line looked rattled and reminding them to breathe.

But there’s an even more effective way to SHARPEN the blunt instrument.

The poet Hafiz writes: “Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut more deeply. Let it ferment and season you like few human ingredients can.”

Cutting deeper is NOT changing yourself. Rather, it’s giving what you got in the moment.

If you are lonely, be all of that and come clean with it.

if you are worried, let it be known.

If you are overwhelmed, so is everyone else!

Make yourself vulnerable. Melt into humanity and humanity will melt into you.

The new year always presents us with the glitter of fitness and diet and change.

But for every super fit person drinking Kale smoothies, I’ll show you a blunt mind fixated on their latest Instagram post instead of the human beings that surround them in real time!

What the world really needs right now is for you to be SHARP and real and vulnerable.

We need you to just be you, every freakin day! That would be enough to change the world.



Here we go! The countdown is on for an incredible journey into 2017.

If you are feeling the need to do something super special and focused on self-care…every single day… for the first 6 months of 2017…

I’m leading a program called AT ONE, AT LAST.


It takes just 10 minutes each day. But those 10 minutes will be guided for you by people at the very top of their game!

This journey will be led by myself, Ian Lopatin, co-founder of Spiritual :Gangster, who was recently featured on The Today Show, and Seane Corn who is a global force for change.

Commit to 2017!

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