The average American spends over 10 hours each day in front of a screen giving rise to a number of physical and mental health issues.
Are you ready to make a shift away from technology and into the wild?
“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to nature is going home; that wildness is a necessity.” John Muir
I invite you on a six month journey to explore the wisdom of nature for guidance, healing, and a better way of life.

We want our lives to evolve in a certain trajectory, forward and upward and keep going and don’t stop! And yet, if you look at nature, you will not find a straight line. Your life may not evolve exactly as you expect or hope. You can keep fighting that battle. Or you can find peace and freedom in your winding and weaving path.


Nature moves slowly. There’s a Redwood that’s 2000 years old, a Bristlecone Pine Tree that is 4,800 years old, and a Norway Spruce that’s 9,500 years old! They move slowly…but SURELY. There is a time-lapse video of a morning glory vine. The plant is rotating like a radar dish, searching and feeling around for a suitable support on which to grow.

It is very much a living, breathing, intelligent being. Your naked eye would NEVER notice this movement as it is sped up through time-lapse video. What else might our naked eye be missing because we move at such a frenzied pace?


If the prescription drugs and quick fixes are no longer working, maybe it’s time to try something different, more pure, and more TESTED. The New York Times reports, “The drugs of the future might come from the past: botanical treatments long overlooked by Western medicine. Nature is a superchemist. It’s been doing this for a lot longer than we or even mammals have been around. Plants have been doing this for about 400 million years.”

2018 is the year to look deeper, listen more carefully, and reconnect with wisdom that is millions of years in the making
How it works

Each day for 6 months, you will be asked to dedicate 10 minutes to step outside, to breathe in more fresh air, to spend more time with your feet on the earth and your vision to the sky.

I’ll be right there with you as your guide leading you through meditations, telling you stories, and encouraging a daily habit of less tech and more wind, sun, rain, snow, trees, grass, soil, all the good stuff!

I searched for some of the leading experts on the wisdom of nature. You will learn from them on a daily basis over the first 6 months of 2018.

All we ask is that you take 10 minutes each day to relax, listen, and take a moment of reflection and meditation.

About Me

I’m right there with you, in the thick of life, facing all the challenges of parenting, business, marriage…  All the more reason to find a moment each day for peace, quiet, and the time to stop and savor the journey. For me, meditation was a gamechanger. I struggled to find a meditation teacher who is more relatable, accessible, brings stories and humor,  and delivers that kind of message day in and day out. That’s why I’ve created this program for you.  I have written two books both of which reached #1 on the Amazon Healthy Living Bestseller Lists and my work fusing yoga and meditation with pop culture passions has been featured in The NY Times, O Magazine, Food + Wine, and The Wall Street Journal.

By the end of the program you will embody:

Greater sense of meaning 
More trust in your instincts
Renewed appreciation for the gift of being alive 

It’s time to get our feet on the earth, our eyes to the skies, our hands on the trees and get back Into the Wild!

Begin Today

This is an investment in peace of mind. By making this commitment, you are putting more value and time in nature, in your intuition, in a different perspective than the one happening on your computer screen.

 The Six Month Online Program Includes

Six months of daily meditations, created fresh each day to bring you peace of mind, focus, better sleep, and a stronger connection to your bigger picture

(Value: $1,000+)

A series of 1 on 1 calls with me spread out over the course of the program to personalize your experience

(Value: $750)





Into the Wild will culminate with a retreat to Alaska for the Summer Solstice.

When you think about your greatest memories of summer, they probably includes warm nights, outdoor music, ocean waves. But what about “light all night” in the the Alaskan wilderness?

Alaska (in the summer) is the most beautiful place I have experienced…EVER. Towering mountains with glaciers, bald eagles soaring overhead, and the feeling that get breathing in pure air, undying sunshine, and the sense of being very close to the top of the world!?

In 2010, yogini Katey Inman and her fearless-wilderness-guide and husband Josh Love co-founded the highly successful Anchorage Yoga and Anchorage Cycle. They are resident experts on all things Alaska and they will curate your journey, from morning yoga to epic hikes, to evenings by the fire pit with a chef serving you fresh Alaska salmon cooked in the Airstream on the beach under the midnight sun.

You will arrive in Anchorage on June 17 before we head off to Seward for two nights beachside, an unforgettable hike through the glaciers of Lost Lake, and two days venturing into the surrounding rivers and wilderness while enjoying the luxury of Alyeska.

I will be leading meditations and Katey will be guiding you through yoga sessions. 

Please note, Alaska will take you to your edge. You’ll want to be in good fitness for the hiking as our culminating hike to Lost Lake is 13 miles.  If exposing yourself to the great outdoors is something your are craving…you will LOVE this journey.

You will need to bring hiking/tennis shoes with strong treads, a jacket for cool nights in the low 50’s, and a willingness to dig in and explore one of the most pristine places on the planet.


Give it a try for 30 days. If you are not satisfied after the first 30 days, I will refund you in full. 

Frequently asked questions
1. Why is this worth it?
This program includes six months of daily meditations that I create for you each and every day. The content you will receive each morning is fresh, deeply connected to what’s going on in the world, and creates for you a way to truly integrate into your life not just a renewed connection to nature, but also peace of mind, stress-relief, better sleep, enhanced focus and all the other benefits of a meditation practice.  Into the Wild delivers it to you in a format that works for your busy schedule.  It’s 10 minutes a day, taught to you slowly over the course of six months. 
2. Can I find this information elsewhere? 
No. I’ll be working with guest experts to create this content that will educate you on the intelligence and wisdom of nature. You can piece together books on this subject to purchase on Amazon, but this program will be customized on a daily basis to guide you step by step toward a shift in your perspective, and quality of life. 
3. If this is a meditation program you are offering, can’t I just sign up for a meditation app?
The content on the various meditation apps was recorded months (if not years) ago and is mostly technique-driven. The meditation content you will receive in INTO THE WILD will be recorded the day before you hear it. It will fuse ancient wisdom and modern science with what’s going on in the world right now so that the program and daily meditations feel evergeen, relevant, and deeply accessible. Additionally, the program will teach you tools and techniques to help you work through stress, sleep better, improve your focus, be present when you need to be present, and reconnect to nature, your instincts, and the bigger picture.
4. You are using technology to deliver the daily meditations. How does that bring me “into the wild?”
You will receive the daily meditation via email, but once you press PLAY, as you listen, I will ask you to step outside and take a few minutes each day to get back into the sunshine, feel the wind, walk on the earth, look to the skies…stretch your mind and open your eyes to the bigger picture. Yes you can do that on your own, but if you are constantly entrenched in your phone and computer, and you need to make sure something changes in 2018, this is a way of making a commitment and working with a guide (me) to help you explore a new way of thinking, seeing, and living. 
5. How will I feel when it’s finished? 
Imagine yourself with a daily habit of being as connected to the outdoors as you are to your mobile device. You’ll have greater trust of your instincts, a deeper sense of meaning, and you will reap the benefits of a daily meditation practice.
6. I need to justify the cost of this program.
Most programs like this were recorded months or years in the past and do not include a 1 on 1 connection to the teacher. This program will include a series of 1 on 1 conversations so that you and I create a personal connection. The meditations in this program are created fresh the day before you receive them so you will have the sense of being on the journey together, day in and day out. The cost spread across 6 months is $2.75 each day which is the cost of cup of coffee. Can you commit $2.75 each day to your peace of mind, and a promise to yourself to shift away from the busyness and toward a healthier way of life?
7. Is there any personal, 1 on 1 attention in this program?                                            
Yes. You will have a series of 1 on 1 sessions over the course of this program. I will check in with you to see how your journey is going, and how to better personalize the experience for your particular desires and focus. 
8. Is this going to be too woo-woo? I need to be able to apply this program to my life and my business.
The advice will be “down-to-earth” literally and will give you a lighthearted, relatable, daily way to practice getting grounded, reconnecting with yourself, and finding your center. The daily meditations will be short and the to the point, but help you commit to finding a moment each day to clear your mind and start fresh.
9. How do I know if this program is right for me?
If you can answer the question, “Am I on my phone, computer, and TV too much?” with a resounding NO, than save your money.  This program is not for you.  But if you feel like far too much of your time is spent focused on a screen, and you are getting bombarded with far too much information and you don’t spend enough time immersing yourself in nature, this program will help you create a habit of looking to something bigger and more meaningful, each and everyday.
10. What if I sign up and don’t like it?
After 30 days if you don’t like the experience, I will refund you in full.  But give it a full month of commitment and see if you are drawn by the momentum toward something fresh, clean, pure.
11. Dave, I have more questions.
Reach out to me, and ask me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
12. Can I trust you?
I’ve been in wellness for 20+ years. As a father of a three year old and a 1 year old, I am fully engaged in making this a better world. 
“Dave Romanelli is my favorite guru/life coach. I love the connection to real life and the ability to find humor and deep connection in our everyday stuff. A great way to stay grounded in my very hectic life!”
Saul, Atlanta
“Dave is a gifted storyteller. I appreciate his humility and how he can laugh at himself. This program gifted me the opportunity to carve out time each day just for me. I have enjoyed this time immensely and looked forward to it daily.”
Julie, Nashville
“I absolutely love Dave’s stories and meditations, they are so relatable and do-able! I am a better person because of this program, and more importantly I believe my teenage son is gaining wisdom from a lot of the meditations I had him listen to as well. Everyday I looked forward to seeing a new meditation in my inbox, I absolutely loved this program.”
Lorri, Phoenix
“When I gave Dave’s program my all, it gave its “all” back to me. I learned SO much! Though I did learn it is a practice which I need to work on every day. I cannot explain how transporting this programs was, and I’m so grateful for the experience.”
Margaret, Seattle
“The longer time of Dave’s programs make for lasting effort and greater dedication to making some personal changes. And Dave’s unique combination of lightheartedness and deep thinking offer a very engaging way to create and maintain a commitment to daily practice.”
Gordon, Minneapolis
“The entire program together has allowed me to slow down, focus on what is important, and help me figure out how I can share my gifts with others to contribute to the world. I also feel a more clear, meaningful connection to my spirituality than I have felt in a long time.”
Melanie, Los Angeles