I’m Jealous of This Person


My friend recently invited me on an epic journey to India, Thailand, and Australia.

He told me how he was going to these holy sites, amazing hotels, unbelievable beaches.

“Dude, you’ll only be away for 3 weeks!” he said. “You can do this.”

I imagined sitting down with my wife, who would be holding our soon-to-be-newborn baby in one arm and holding our 2 year old in the other.

And I would explain very simply, “Honey, I was invited on this trip to India, Thailand…and Australia.”

I could practically hear my voice cracking during the “and Australia” part.

And I would tell her, “It’s only 3 weeks. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you this is important to my soul and I’m going.”

And then I realized I would probably fare better putting on a Dallas Cowboy jumpsuit and going for a jog in Mosul, ISIS’ de facto capital in Iraq, than I would telling my wife I was going to India, Thailand……….AND Australia…for 3 weeks.

And hey, all the power to my wife for being a full-time working mom with two kids!

If she left me alone with a newborn and 2-year-old for two hours, let alone three weeks…well…I might fare better in Mosul.

But hey, that doesn’t stop me (or her) from CRAVING a journey.

I’m talking about the type of journey from one of those totally true adventure books about a woman who hikes El Camino de Santiago, gets stung by 30 scorpions, works through an intense inner battle, and lives to tell about it!

366-082You see that map in the beginning of the book charting her epic journey from Dubuque…

…standup paddleboarding across the Atlantic…

…all the way to El Camino de Santiago, and you think:

YES!!! That kind of journey sounds like the answer to all of my problems!

Now hey, let’s not take this too far.

I’m a Jew from LA so I would need to have someone help pitch the tent on that hike up El Camino de Santiago.

But I’d love to let my mind unravel, read 18 beautiful books, fill 108 journals, and take a good look at the story of my life.

A journey, especially a gritty one, allows that kind of break in the fury, an intermission, to make peace with yourself, to see that…

…your suffering and your struggle are actually the resistance that make you strong.

A elderly Zen-trained painter in Japan said, “Suffering is a privilege, it moves us toward thinking about essential things and shakes us out of short-sighted complacency.

“When I was a boy, it was believed you should pay for suffering, it’s such a hidden blessing.”

And yet, we so often meet our suffering and endure our struggle with what my Italian grandmother called “faccia lunga” (long face).

We grin and bear it, with a quiet desperation that maybe, hopefully, God willing…things will get better at the office, or with your kids, or with your health.

That doesn’t work.

I’m guessing you have spoken with those common types of elderly people who grinned and bared their suffering through the decades, hoping for a better tomorrow that never came.

Now, if they are alive, they are sitting on their couch in their old age…RESENTFUL that they didn’t change when they had a chance.

So here’s your chance…and mine.

Own your suffering and cherish your struggle.

Because finding ways to outsmart or outmuscle them will continue to elude you, year after year.

The happy ones out there, including my friend going to India, Thailand, AND Australia…wrap their arms around life…instead of constantly slicing it up and pushing it away.

Be intentional about doing this in 2017.

Don’t hope for the best. Make a DEFINITIVE change in the way you approach your suffering and your struggle.

For instance, I started going to sleep at 830pm and waking up at 3am (to a GIANT pot of coffee).

This new habit frees up three precious hours of silence each morning for meditation, self-compassion (God knows I need it), and reading high-vibration books like The Game of Life by Florence Scovell Shinn.

Go on a journey.

This doesn’t have to mean going to India, Thailand…AND Australia.

But do something special for yourself, a deep break, a penetrating silence, that gives you the chance to see the Truth:

You are doing WAY better than you think you are.

Self-love may be something you never, ever come to embody. And that has the potential to be a great tragedy in your life, as it has been in mine.

So I am doing something different in 2017. Very different.

I’m creating the type of journey I need, at this busy stage of life. You are invited.

I have called together the three greatest influences in my life.

And we are leading an EPIC and unique type of journey, 8 months, offering far more wisdom than you would ever experience at Macchia Picchu or Kilimanjaro or the Grand Canyon, let alone that trip to India, Thailand, AND Australia.

It’s called AT ONE, AT LAST

This is a journey for busy people with crazy lives who so desperately need a BREAK and have absolutely zero time for it.

This program starts in January, and only asks of you 10 minutes each day, through the Winter, Spring, and into the Summer. It’s no 21 day walk in the park, that is for sure.

You will be guided by these three greatest influences (and me). Our daily stories and insights will give you that faraway-exotic-mountain-valley-at-sunset feeling EVERYDAY…for 8 months.

This is a long and sustained journey focused on deep and lasting shifts that bring the disparate parts of your life into alignment.

Small steps, filled with wisdom and purpose and positivity. Day by day by day for 8 months.

By the end, you will have rebooted your mind, rerooted your sense of purpose and you will be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

On August 21, we will all come together to witness the rarest and most gorgeous natural phenomenon on the planet, a total eclipse of the sun.

This is taking place over the United States for the first time in 38 years.

If this speaks to you, please let me know so I can send you the details.

Have a beautiful day…

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