Kids grow up…FAST!


Kids grow up…FAST!

So I’m doing my best to enjoy the moments with my son…almost 8 months. Each day is a milestone. Trying a new food. Sitting upright. Almost crawling…any day. It’s not a big deal when it’s somebody else’s kid. But when it’s your own, it might as well be like that first step on the moon!

The thing that I’ve found to be both the greatest and hardest challenge is to be conscious of passing along my best traits and leaving behind those which are not so positive.

I tend to hold too tightly to life. I might come across as mellow but inside I’m a tense person. If there’s one thing I can teach my son, it’s to allow life to flow, to trust the journey.

That’s a conversation we probably won’t have for another 15 years. But that message is felt each day through small symbols, little moments, subtle releases.

It’s so true that you only really learn something when you teach it to another.

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