Long LIVE the DEAD!

I know a few people right now who at one time were on top of the world, with thriving careers, beautiful families, all was in their favor.

And then…they got derailed by divorce or illness or a streak of bad luck.

But here’s the thing. Getting derailed happens.

It’s uncomfortable, nervewracking, stressful, sometimes dangerous to your mental health and if you have a family, it’s a HUGE burden to figure out how to get back on track.

Maybe you’ve been there? Maybe you are there?

The other night I went to the Dead and Company concert at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. For all intensive purposes, let’s call them The Grateful Dead v4.0.

There is no Jerry Garcia but John Mayer is doing a great job of infusing new energy into the spirit of the band.

The reason why so many people can’t stand the Grateful Dead is the same reason why so many people love the Grateful Dead.

They go on these long jams that sound like meaningless nonsense. If you are at the concert, it can be intensely boring and your mind might wander into a series of thoughts..

—It’s hot in these jeans.
——That girl has very hairy armpits
————I want a sip of beer but I don’t want to have to pee and stand in the bathroom line.
———————Oh God this song is taking forever and ever and ever. Somebody poke out my eyeballs

And then…the band steps back to the microphone and sings…

“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world”

And your thoughts come back into the sweetness of the moment

——-Hairy armpits are so natural and free!!!
—————This beer is the best beer ever!!!!
————————Oh this song is SO GOOD!!!!!

But the other night…in the middle of one of these jams…the band was ushered off the stage by security. Suddenly, there were bomb-sniffing dogs on stage and everyone in the audience was hushed, nervous, wondering what to do.

In light of the what happened in London and Paris and Tampa, I left the concert halfway through and went home.

I got derailed and I did the worst thing you can do when you are derailed…quit. Leave the show. walk out in the middle of the song.

When you are in a time in your life and it seems like the chorus will never return and you are left to ponder this meaningless jam that your life has become.

Stick with it. Do NOT leave. Never quit.

As this one elder told me when I asked his secret to happiness: KEEP PUNCHING.

The band came back on stage and played a beautiful show, and I was in my Uber on the way home.

Now look, some of you might be thinking, “Dave you did the right thing.”

But in the game of life, it’s way too common for people to give up, and live with the sense that you have failed or been defeated and you’ll never fully come back.

As the Dead sing

“Wake now discover that YOU are the song that morning brings.
The heart has its seasons, it”s evenings and songs of its own.”

Nobody is living a straight shot to glory. NOBODY!

Whatever you are going through, whatever you have been through, KEEP PUNCHING. Keep dancing. and long LIVE the Grateful DEAD!

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