Meet My Son


As many of you have witnessed before, to see that little human being suddenly appear in the delivery room, all I could think was:


Over the past 12 days, I have spent hours staring at his little toes and fingers and ears and lips that formed on their own in the womb and I thought,


Last night, he lay on my lap and we watched SportCenter together and he lifted his tiny head to stare at me,  I thought,


And then, after the 12th consecutive sleepless night, as my wife and I lay awake shaking our heads at the ungodly hour of 3am, I thought to myself,


After doing my best to be supportive of my wife’s 24 hours of labor, I took a taxi home at 5am Sunday morning. It was both the most exhilarated and exhausted I’d ever been…all at once!

I told the taxi driver all about the night and how proud I was of my 6 lb 12 oz bundle of love…AND my wife for laboring for 24 hours!

And the taxi driver, parent of 3, said, “Get ready to be exhausted. You are not going to have anytime to yourself. Kids get sick. They are going to whine. They are going to take everything you have and ask for more.”

And I was thinking to myself, “Geeeez I’m riding home with the Grinch.”

But then, the taxi driver said, “But you are going to have so much love in your life and it’s all worth it!”

Whether or not you have kids, you know that life is most raw, most awesome, and most wonderful when you are teetering at the edge of ENERGY AND EXHAUSTION, SUCCESS AND FAILURE, HOPE AND DESPAIR.

But you can’t stop digging in and stirring. Because as the taxi driver said, love is what comes from all those emotions.

You need every single one of your losses and failures, wins and triumphs, bad days and bad moods, great days and great moods… to create the alchemy of love.


I am still riding the wave of happiness (and exhaustion) with the birth of Remo.  But it doesn’t stop there.  After SIX (yes SIX!) years of working on my next book, Happy is the New Healthy… has launched!

The premise? Happiness is a decision, and it’s a damn good one!

For anyone who has had enough of the hard-core, regimented approach to health & wellness, this book is totally fun, deeply accessible, and flips the wellness paradigm on its tightly-toned a$s!

You don’t need to lose weight, change your diet, stretch your hammys and tone your thighs to find joy. Just make the freakin’ decision.


If something has stood between you and happiness (money, health, romance, life), the time is now to bust down the walls and let happiness come rushing and roaring into your life.


From the depth of my heart, I want to thank you for reading my blog, for being on this journey together, and for being present with me along the way.  In the spirit of this moment, which is always The Best Moment…



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