Day 3: In a Rush? Want to Feel Happy FAST?

Welcome to Day 3.

Before I begin, if you need to catch up on the first two days of this Mini-Course,, check out Day 1 (visit here) and Day 2 (visit here).

I know you’re in a hurry…we all are.

From the second we wake up, we’re on our phones and computers.  We’re on Bluetooth conversations while dropping the kids off to school.

We’re racing from appointment to appointment never taking a second for ourselves.

If you’re not working fast enough, it feels like you’ll be swallowed by the competition.

We can’t stand delays, traffic, hold-ups.

We live in a world fixated on speed, efficiency and convenience.

The easy thing to do would be to tell you….SLOW DOWN.

But I’m not going to tell you that right now.

Instead, today, I’m going to share with you three tips that take all of one minute.

I’ve used these quick practices with hundreds of my clients and the results are mind-blowing.

If you have one minute, here are three ways to spend it:

corazones_0461. Take One Minute for Love

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Dedicate just one minute to love and watch what happens.

Take one minute to write a loving email.

Take one minute to simply close your eyes and send good vibes to someone.

Take one minute to give someone a long hug.

A girl in high school asked her classmates if she could do a quick interview.

One by one, they sat in front of the camera, most of them were very annoyed and impatient, as high school kids can be.

Then the girl told each of them the purpose of her project, “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful. And that means YOU.”If you watch the reaction on the high school kids’ faces, it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen. They melt. Their angst dissolves. Their heart explodes.

This didn’t even take one minute. More like 20 seconds. Can you spare 20 seconds for love?

2. Give Something Away

There is so much effort that goes into acquiring what we need. Money, food, clothes, affection, attention. We always think we NEED something.

As Shakti Gawain said, “To think you need something you don’t already have is a form of insanity.”

Enough with the insanity!

Rather than continue down the path of acquiring and consuming, why not do the opposite? Take one minute to lighten the load and give something away.

A compliment.

A possession.

Or even better…give away your pain, your burdens, your anger.

Ask yourself:

How are you broken? How are you hurting? What is troubling you? Where is your darkness?

Next time you go there, instead of dwelling, complaining and holding on…

–Perform a selfless act.

My best-selling book Happy is the New Healthy is inspired by my experience helping old people in need.

I worked with a charity that provides resources and comfort for the elderly so they can find peace and love in their twilight years.

This charity’s oldest client was 111 years old when she died. Her name was Katherine. Remember her from Day 1 of the mini-course?

By spending just a few super meaningful hours with Katherine, I learned so much.

For instance, this 111 year old lady’s three tips to health and longevity were s-x, vodka, and spicy food. Yeah! We call that…joie de vivre.

Sharing just a few hours of community service put a whole new spin on how I perceived health and happiness.

–Give generously.

Countless times each day, we have the chance to give.

People send you an email telling you about their 5k walk to raise money for charity, or their kids ask you to buy girl scout cookies, or you walk by a person on the street asking for change.

When we are in a dark spot, those requests can be just another distraction, just another thing you have to do.

If happiness is truly a priority, take a moment to make the donation, to buy the girl scout cookies, to find some spare change.

It’s not that your donation will change the person you are giving to.

Rather, it will change YOU!

Compounded over time, these acts of selflessness will make you a different person…a freer person…a happier person.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.07.52 PM–Release it.

We all have some kind of lingering issue.

Disappointment with a friend who didn’t invite you to a party, or anger with a co-worker who doesn’t show you respect, or feelings of revenge for that nemesis who spoke badly about you behind your back.

I tend to avoid wholesale self-help but Don Miguel Ruiz’s advice always and forever rings true.

He writes, “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

Take a moment, inhale deeply, and on the exhale, let that sh-t go!

3. Practice the Most Powerful Move  

Having a stressful day? Feeling the pain in your head, neck, back? Constantly grinding?

There’s something you can do now that will give you an instant reset.

Ready for it?

Listen carefully.

Lift the corners of your mouth up.

cute-baby-smileResearch shows that babies smile over 200 times each day.

Guess how well we do? The numbers are scary.

The average woman smiles 62 times each day, and the average man smiles only eight times each day.

Eight!?! How is that possible?

We go to great lengths to look beautiful, dress nicely, and renovate our homes and bodies…but if you can’t smile, what’s the point?

A dour person with a great physique? Booooring. A frowner with a fancy handbag and designer jeans? Booooooooo.

A long face in a fancy home? Something ain’t right!

Now you might be thinking, I’d love to smile, but I don’t have something to smile about.

As legendary Buddhist monk Thich Naht Hahn said, “Sometimes joy is the source of your smile. But sometimes a smile is the source of your joy.”

That means, even if you are not feeling happy, you can still smile.

In other words, fake it till you make it.

Don’t think too hard.

Just smile more often.

Give something away.

Take just one minute for love.

And hey, this may not make your challenges magically disappear.

But in my 20 years in wellness, I have found this to be true: It’s not that challenging times don’t happen to happy people. Rather, happy people happen to challenging times!

TAKE ACTION and find one minute. Heck, you can even plan it out!

Smile through the stress right now, give something away tomorrow, take just one minute for love the next time the opportunity strikes. Just one minute.

Go for it.

Happiness is a habit and there’s no better time to begin than NOW.

See you tomorrow.



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