Why I Moved from NYC to LA

Last week, I moved from NYC back to LA.

I was going to write a long piece about all the lessons learned living in The Big Apple. But it felt very self-gratuitous (aka LAME).

So I just want to share one lesson that really stuck with me:

The power of the ethnic mix.

Put 8 million people of all colors and nationalities on a small island, Manhattan…

… and if you don’t like what people are saying on 2nd Avenue, walk one block over and it’s an entirely different conversation.

That is a beautiful thing!

Over the last five years, I found DIVERSITY to be a great healer of almost every woe.

When I was stuck in matters of health, I ventured to a chiropractor on Wall Street, a kinesiologist in Midtown, a meditation class in Greenwich Village or a funky tea shop in the East Village.

There was no shortage of ways and means to restore my flow.

When I was stuck in matters of love, my wife and I could walk west toward the jazz musicians of Washington Square Park or East to the sheer chaos in Tompkins Square or North toward the glory of Central Park or South for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

There was always something different to shake up the senses and change the rhythm of the heart.

When I was stuck in matters of hope, I could walk up to my roof deck and lookout at one of the great cities in the world.

The resilient power of the Freedom Tower, the colorful history of the Empire State Building, the sheer glow of NYC every…single…night.

But after a while, as many might attest, one needs a break from the big city.

For those of you who live in quiet places, I became envious of you.

My nervous system was starting to shut down.

Our little guy, now 15 months, was outgrowing our tiny apartment. And it was time to move on.

But the power of diversity lives on!

Whether you live in a small town or a big one, diversity is always a great healer.

Diversity simply asks that you find the grace to allow for change.

Change is always trying to happen in our lives in some way. New relationships, new clients, new bosses, new school, new city.

As Emerson said, “There are no fixtures in nature. The universe is fluid (and volatile).”

Change is natural and resistance to change pits you squarely against the bigger Source.

So take a moment and sit with the question: What is trying to change in your business, your relationship, your life?

By resisting change, you invite more of the same. It’s safe. But it’s not entirely healthy.

By opening to change, you allow the cumulative force of the universe into your life. That can be very uncomfortable, very exciting, very exhausting, and very exhilarating.

It’s not exactly sustainable but very much needed. Just like New York City…

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