My Muscle is Your Muscle

The above photo is true for any age.

I know people who are 43 and look like they’re 30. And I know people who are 43 who look well on their way to 60.

So how do we stay, if not young, than filled with vitality?

Over the past six months, I’ve been super passionate about two things:

First, I’ve been working with a trainer who is teaching me how to build the strength and skill to jump high and dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim.

It’s all for charity. Every dollar that you pledge gets donated goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.

One thing to note.

Most of the people this trainer works with are not chicken-legged dudes like me but rather professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB…the most able-bodied people on the planet.

Second, I’ve been compiling stories of our nation’s elderly citizens for a new project I’m working on.

So many of you have sent videos of your elderly grandparents and neighbors sharing their time-tested wisdom and guidance.

More than once over the past 6 months, I’ve gone from working out with my slam dunk trainer at the gym alongside athletes who are the epitome of speed, skill and strength…

…to a nursing home to interview elderly people.

So what does an 83 year old in a nursing home have in common with an NFL wide receiver?

A lot more than you’d think.

I asked my slam dunk trainer, “What is the rarest quality you see in all these professional athletes you work with?”

He didn’t even blink before answering, “Adapability. It’s really hard for pro athletes to acquire new skills, to learn, and to grow as their career progresses.”

So it goes for many elderly who struggle to adapt to technology, embrace new ideas, and adjust to different living environments as they age.

I’m guessing you can relate.

So many of us reach a point midway in life where we stop learning, stop growing, stop adapting…and that’s when we get old…FAST.

Maybe you stopped learning when you finished high school, college, or your Masters degree.

Or maybe you ventured to take a course here or there – teacher training, cooking, art, etc. – and then it ended.

Personally, I have reached a point where I feel the need, not just for little lessons, but a new era of learning, a deep dive.

But with a child who is 2 and another baby due on December 25, I am surrounded by diapers, and toy trucks, and onesies scattered everywhere.

I barely have time for a shower longer than four minutes, let alone a extended course on life.

So in 2017, I am doing the following for the busy ones out there…like you…and me.

I reached out to the three most influential people in my life to put together something that does not exist.

One of them is co-founder of a company which has grown 1000% over the last 5 years.

His secret to success is mindblowingly simple and always leaves me wondering why I always make things so difficult.

Another has been on 30 magazine covers, for the honorable mission of RECHARGING your sense of purpose.

She has opened the door to deep healing for thousands of people, and yet she does it with f-bombs that bust open even the stodgiest minds.

The third is my teacher on all things related to the starry skies and the natural environment. He will speak to you in ways nobody else on the planet will.

I am working with these three experts to create an 8 month program for those of you feeling the need to once-and-for-all, push RESET on life.

Here’s what makes this program unique:

1. It offers a 360 degree view on wellness.

That means it will bring your RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS, and HEALTH into alignment.

Usually, around New Years, we focus on one thing. We get really into health, but our relationships are still messy. Or we focus on our business, but our health takes a hit.

This program will wrap your arms around the fullness of your life.

You will reboot your perspective, reroot your purpose, and restore a sense of trust that your best days and years are right now, in 2017.

2. It asks of you 10 minutes a day for 8 months.

That means it’s geared for people like you with a super busy life who want a big change and a new era of learning but don’t have hours upon hours a day to dedicate to it.

Just 10 minutes each day.

3. The program will finish with everyone coming together in August to witness the RAREST and most beautiful NATURAL PHENOMENON on earth, a total eclipse of the sun.

I saw it in 1991 in Mexico. Check out the photo of my friends and I during the eclipse. Note it was pitch black at 12pm!

And hey, it was our high school graduation trip so please forgive the casual vibe.

And for the first time in my lifetime, a total eclipse of the sun will take place over the United States in August. Those in the program will have the opportunity to see it.

If you share this burning desire to make 2017 a year of growth, learning, and vitality…

Let this be your first step and I will send you the details.

The program opens for registration next week.

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