Meet My Daughter

I’m so proud and excited to introduce you to my daughter, Cooper Kam Romanelli.

Cooper arrived in the world at 8:27pm on Monday.

The doctor let me do part of the delivery, taking Cooper by her slippery shoulders, leading her into the world, and handing her to my wife for their first kiss.

As many of you know, the woman is the real hero.

After enduring many months of nausea, a big scare at the high risk OBGYN that took our breath away, hours of painful contractions…and then, FINALLY…

the head…

the shoulders…

the chest…

the legs…

and the GLORY!!!!

It was truly my most profound moment: to hear the sound of my daughter’s voice for the first time…

…which said so clearly that intense pain and tender love are one in the same, tit for tat, intricately and intimately connected.

I have to admit. My wife and I were nervous in the moments before Cooper arrived. How could you not be?

For so many of us, 2016 has been a year of pain and disappointment.

In trying times, there is nothing more healing than tender love.

By tender love, I mean the feeling of another’s touch or compassion or generosity that guides us through the darkness and back toward the light.

Let me give you an example.

Recently, I was introduced to an 87 year-old woman named Arlene and a 98 year-old man named Bernie.

They are in the deep twilight of life. How would you, how would I, ever run into these people? They are lost to us. And we are lost to them.

And yet, when you hear Arlene and Bernie’s stories, it’s like a History Channel documentary meets a segment on 60 Minutes…fascinating and so rich with wisdom.

There’s very little difference between helping a newborn on their way into the world and helping an elderly person on their way out.

So let me ask again, where is the TENDER LOVE?

On January 18 is the first of a 5 city tour called Drinks with the Elderly.

It’s a chance to come and spend an evening with Bernie and Arlene.

Hear their stories over a glass of wine. Ask them questions about love and health and hope. Honor their lives with your tender love.

The oldest generation has something YOU need to hear that will shed light on your mystery, heal your pain, unleash your flow,

Mother Theresa said, “The problem with the world is that we draw our family circle too small.”

And that is exactly how we can make 2017 different than 2016.  Expand your family circle!

Spend less time with your hands on your keyboard and more time reaching out and helping others, or asking for help when you need it.

Let’s be there for each other. Not on social media or with emails. But physically be there. Get your hands dirty.

I can think of two people right now who I love so much, who are struggling. And I know, and I promise, I will do better for them in 2017. I will get my hands dirty, whatever it takes.

As a new father of two very young children, amidst the diapers, the sleeplessness, the love, and the kisses, I realize I can’t properly raise them on my own.

The heath and success and happiness of every human depends on the sum of the parts of our community, young and old, family and strangers, coming together!

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