A 6 Year-Old’s Gift To Change Your Life NOW

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been moving from one home in Santa Monica to a temporary home in the Valley to another home in Mar Vista.

Doing that with a 6 month old and 2.5 year old and a working-breastfeeding wife turns moving into something of an extreme sport.

Tempers are flaring.

It’s 105-110 degrees everyday here in the San Fernando Valley.

And YES I’m complaining!!!!

So let me tell how I got my head (and heart) straightened out very very quickly.

A few years ago, I shared with you in this blog an encounter I had with a lady named Scarlett Lewis.

Her son Jesse was one of 20 children lost that day at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Scarlett endured unimaginable pain and grief.

Let’s take a moment of silence for Scarlett and the parents, relatives and friends of the 142 school shootings that have occurred since Sandy Hook. Yes you read that correctly.




I realize this might not be ideal weekend reading material but just wait because I’m gonna send you SOARING into your weekend!

Scarlett rallied BIG TIME and has dedicated her life and her son’s life to integrating social and emotional learning into the curriculum of schools across the nation.


Because it might be too hard to change the gun laws, but if we can add compassion and love and understanding to a child’s classroom education, that might have made a difference in the troubled life of the Sandy Hook shooter.

Scarlett told me how the biggest gift her son Jesse left her with was… “the gift of perspective.”

She shared how a friend recently called her crying because she had a terrible day.

And Scarlett replied, “Let me tell you what a really terrible day really looks like.”

She continued, “If you can tuck your kids into bed at night, that is a good day!”

This is not to take away from the stress you might be dealing with right now.

No doubt that hard-core stress is caused by health issues or financial struggles or a child getting bad grades not to mention the broken dishwasher and the achey back.

But if you have the gift of life today, if you can tuck your kids into bed tonight, you have it so good.

Before you scroll through social media or go onto the next email, I invite you to take 1 moment today that you might ordinarily take for granted…

…and dedicate that moment to Jesse and the 19 other children who lost their lives that day at Sandy Hook Elementary, not to mention the 297 people who have been killed in school shootings since 1980.

When you tuck your kids in tonight, or say goodnight to someone you love, take an extra moment, steal an extra kiss…

And please consider joining Scarlett’s mission to prevent another one of these atrocities.

She has a GoFundMe campaign to spread her movement into more schools because what school does’t need love and compassion to go along with math and science?

Even if it’s $1 that goes toward this, it’s a way of saying that Jesse’s life stood for something, not just in Scarlett’s world, but in your world.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and to share my appreciation, here is a meditation to restore your belief.

















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