Meet MY New President



I was in Arizona this week. Wednesday morning (after Election Night), I overheard a guy at Starbucks talking on the phone.

He was celebrating his candidate’s victory and discussing how exactly they would move forward with building “the wall.”

I think he was in the construction industry, and maybe he wanted “in” on the contract?

After getting my coffee, I went on a hike and saw someone getting out of their car in the parking lot.

Their car had rainbows and Bernie Sanders stickers and a license plate that said “ORGANIC.” This person looked…PISSED OFF.

The highs and lows were everywhere, at least in Arizona.

What did it look like in your community?

Wednesday at 5am MST, I woke up to “President Trump” and then did a Google search on “FIRE.”

Here’s a little fact about fire.’

When there’s a fire in the forest, the heat from the burning trees pops open pines cones on those trees, releasing seeds that have been waiting to get loose for years.

Sometimes, we need FIRE.

Let it burn a little in your heart.

Today, tomorrow. Maybe through the weekend.

But here’s the thing about a forest fire. Most of the seeds released in the fire are consumed in the flames.

Only a fraction of those seeds released in the fire actually germinate, pop through the soil, and start growing into little seedlings.


Over the past month, I’ve been asking if you know any elderly people in your family or community with important stories to share.

We need to hear from more of our elderly citizens, so we can learn from their wisdom, before it’s too late.

Many of you responded and have been sending videos of your parents and grandparents in their 80’s and 90’s.

All shared their hardships. Some lost loved ones in World War 2. Many were raised in the Great Depression. One lady lost both her parents at a young age and had to raise her six siblings.

But then, they shared their secrets to health and happiness. Usually it was the conscious choice to make “LOVE” their ultimate priority, instead of money or achievement.

Many had their very own unique passion, like one 95 year old lady who said she went dancing 5 nights a week.

And always, they looked toward the Light with a mix of humor (one lady shared a story of showing up to a fancy breakfast and forgetting to put her teeth in her mouth), and old fashioned toughness.

Speaking of tough, you may have felt that emotion over the past few days. But if you ask an old person, you realize the past was a lot tougher than the present.

It may seem like the world is a VERY dangerous place right now. But an old person will tell you, it’s always been that way.

And you may feel like we sent the wrong message to our children this past week. But an old person will tell you, kids are better off learning hard lessons at a young age. Gives them character.

On that note, I’ll bet you that our first woman president, some day in the future, will tell her story of election night 2016.

She’ll tell how she was just a kid that night. And yet, that night gave her the DRIVE to move forward, illuminated by the FIRE around her, instead of consumed by it.


If you know an old person who has a great story or powerful wisdom or you just LOVE them…

I’m putting together a video that gives old people a forum to share, and younger people a place to watch and learn.

If you know an old person who would love to share, will you ask these questions and film their answers via video on your phone?

1. What’s your name and what is your age?

2. Can you share your life story as best you can in just a few minutes?

3. Which historical event made the biggest impact on your life or outlook on humanity? And how? (For instance, the civil rights movement)

4. What is your secret to health and longevity?

5. If you could go back in time and give advice to the 30-year-old version of you, what advice would you give? (for instance, don’t worry so much. enjoy every day)

6. What is your Secret to happiness?

Please just let me know when you are done and send my way. Or let me know if you have more questions. I’d love to hear from you.

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