Near-Death Experience

Welcome to my new podcast, 18 Minutes.  I will share with you wisdom from the oldest and wisest, people in their 80’s, 90’s, and 100’s.

Why 18 Minutes?

According to the research, to optimize your brain function, for every 52 minutes of work, you want 17 minutes of rest. In other words, more rest, more often!

Let’s add 1 minute to create 18, a sacred number in so many traditions.

Today, I interview Jackie, 81, who was introduced to me by a former yoga student who said, “You have to my friend Jackie. She died once for 20 minutes which really changed her attitude and seemed to re-set her clock! Amazingly youthful.”

Last week, Jackie and I met in LA.

In 1995, Jackie’s heart stopped…for 20 minutes. In the above podcast, she shares what she saw during those minutes. But even more profound is the feeling she exudes in her life after death.

And my former yoga student is spot on. She is AGELESS!




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