The New #1

The top meditation app asked thousands of its users to rank their strongest emotion.

#1 was Anxiety

#2 was Hope

We are just days away from the Summer Solstice, which is the very best time to bump anxiety from the top spot and crown HOPE as your new champion.

Hope for the greatest health. Hope for a harmonious relationship. Hope for your business to thrive. Hope for your kids to be healthy and happy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend more energy hoping for what you want versus fearing what you don’t?

I’d love to help you tilt the scale in hope’s favor.

Before I can do that, I have two questions for you. Please go ahead and share your answers:

1. What are you struggling with? 

Worry too much? Can’t sleep at night? Lacking inspiration?

2. What would you like to hear more of from me that would be most helpful to you?

More funny stuff, more tips to soothe anxiety, more on positivity?

All good is coming is your way.

As Pablo Neruda said, “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop Summer from coming!”

Please visit here and share your answers…I would be so grateful to hear from you.


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