Check Out My New Ride!

This is the very best summer EVER!

Here are a few things working for me that I’m excited to share with you…

-My wife and I don’t want a second car so we got an OjO. It’s a “L.E.V.” (light electric vehicle) that feels like a Vespa but goes in the bike line (aka it’s safe!) It has a speaker that connects via Bluetooth to crank your tunes as you ride under the summer sun. I’ve been riding it everywhere and it’s a game changer.

-There are guided meditations for kids on Stop, Breathe, Think KIDS and they are magical (when you need an assist at bedtime after a long day)

Jaimal Yogis is my favorite author these days. He is a Buddhist who happens to be an amazing surfer. And his new book comes out in a few days. It’s called All Our Waves Are Water. You can read just one page and sit with it for a long time… like a Zen koan.

But the discovery that is really changing my life is this…

My son has these remote control cars and there are different remotes for each car.

The blue remote controls the blue car. The red remote controls the red car. It’s pretty freakin simple to understand.

And so it is with our thoughts.

Easy thoughts create an easier life.

Hard thoughts create a harder life.

Most of us think hard thoughts for much of the day.

“This meeting is going to suck.”
“Oh it’s gonna be hot out there today.”
“This flight is gonna take FOREVER!”

Some of us think easier thoughts.

“This meeting is going to be super successful.”
“It’s hot and I love it!”
“This flight is gonna go FAST!”

Florence Shinn writes, “Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.”

You can get better at the game through practice.

Florence Shinn continues, “You can control any situation if you first control yourself.”

These are the rules of the game:

Use your words and thoughts for three purpose only:

To heal.

To bless.

To prosper.

“What you say of others will be said of you, and what you wish for another, you are wishing for yourself.”

Does that not just ring true in your heart and mind and spirit?!

To heal. “May you feel great every day in every way.”

To bless. “I wish you great fortune and all good things.”

To prosper. “Honey, fucking CRUSH your meetings today!!!!”

So let us all put down the red remote hoping that it might one day work on the green car.

The green car…YOUR green car…is waiting…right next to your Ojo and your copy of ALL YOUR WAVES ARE WATER.

May you feel great every day in every way. I wish you the very best summer ever!!!

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