Rx for Your Post-New-Years-Hangover-Blues

The first day back after New Years? BRUTAL!

I took some time yesterday to think about what I could write to make today a little easier for you.

On Saturday night I went to the Phish concert. The day after, I was sitting at my coffee table, contemplating the meaning of watching grown men jump on trampolines in front of a packed crowd of middle-aged people at Madison Square Garden and then…


…in a matter of 2 seconds, my son rolled off the couch, smacked his face hard on the coffee table, got his first bloody nose, and had a complete meltdown!

All because I was lost in thought thinking about today’s message while sipping my yuppie coffee smoothie.

As goes the proverb:

When the universe is trying to get your attention, first it will throw a pebble. If you still don’t pay attention, then it will throw a rock. If you still don’t pay attention, then it will drop a brick wall on you.

The THUD of your baby’s face on a glass coffee table might as well have been my brick wall.

As my son finally stopped crying, many minutes later…I was so mad at myself for not paying closer attention to him…

…and everything was RESET.

When you are slogging through piles of work today, or grinding out the daily errands to get through one of the most grueling days of the year…

…remind yourself why you are doing all that you do. I mean…really…WHY?!

(Personally, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I want to take care of my son and my wife all the while giving the world something to remember)

So don’t let it take the THUD of your child’s head hitting the coffee table to shake you out of today’s stupor.

Annie Lamott writes, “Life is about choosing to believe this one thing, that LOVE is bigger than any grim, bleak shit anyone can throw at us.”


I had a few end-of-year conversations recently with some close friends that really struck me deeply.

One is the C.O.O. of a very successful company. She works and works and works. And she said that she knows people who make a lot less money and have a lot more happiness in their lives. And that frustrated her.

I had another conversation with a person I consider to be a creative genius. He said he’d stop working in a minute (if it was possible) in order to have more time with his kids who are growing up way too fast.

And yet here I was, longing for their type of mega-success, only to hear them lamenting about all they are missing.

All three of us were living in the shadow of our lives.

It’s that feeling that The Light is just around the corner, but for some reason, you still “gotta get there.”

That sense that life is eluding you…strikes even deeper on the Monday after New Years.

And so today begins fresh.

Whoever or whatever is piled up around you or within you…

…it’s no match for the feeling you have, holding your crying baby against your chest…

…or when you see someone who has the chutzpah to tell you there’s a better response to life than stress…

…or when you are jumping up and down high-fiving everyone as you watch men jump on trampolines and rock their gui-tars! (PHISH!)

Remember today:

Choose to live looking up, rather than down at your phone.

Choose to bounce back every. single. time. that you stumble.

Choose to move through your day supercharged with positive energy (it’s way more powerful than caffeine, although that helps too!)

When life throws crap at you, and God knows it will and it will make a mess in the process…throw love back! Get it all over. Splatter it against the walls.

While nobody ever complained or got fired for “too much love,” that is the only thing that can truly change your life and your world.



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