A Very Old Soul’s Great Secret

My favorite bit of advice from my most trusted advisor:

“You have an unclaimed fortune, and working harder is not the answer!”

That’s always and forever been the advice of Ian Lopatin.

It’s been incredibly impactful to watch he and his wife, Vanessa, co-found and grow the athleisure brand, Spiritual Gangster.

Their story, their success, their message, and their generosity were recently featured on The Today Show.

I’ve known Ian for 25 years but over the past two years, Ian has experienced meteoric growth and quantum leaps that are hard to describe in words.

Sitting with Ian for a few minutes, you get the sense you are sitting with a very old soul, a Maharishi of sorts, from classical India, who stepped straight from 1825 into modern America.

He plays by a different and ancient Rule Book which gives him access to hidden human powers that only a few people in the modern world understand.


He’ll tell you a beautiful dream and then the next thing you know, he’ll call you from the top of a mountain jumping out of a helicopter onto 30 feet of fresh powder….just as he dreamed it!

Now you might be saying, as I often did, “Well lucky him, like I would ever have the time or fortune to live that life.”

But that’s where we get it wrong.

Because if you spend some time with Ian, it starts to rub off, and magical things start to happen to you.

He’ll give you a stack of books to read whenever you’re with him.

And one of the books he’s been giving out speaks beautifully on how to access these “hidden human powers.”

The book, The Game of Life, explains that when you are working with electricity, you know what to do and what not to do.

You plug the cord into the wall, and run the power through your appliance. It’s simple and easy.

Of course, you NEVER run electricity through water and you never put your finger directly in the electrical socket. Obviously. The laws of electricity are common knowledge.

But the natural laws of how to live an optimal life are NOT common knowledge.

Which is why so many people are so disconnected, living small, and constantly stressed and nervous.

In my upcoming 2017 program, At One At Last, Ian will work with you for 66 days on learning and understanding these hidden powers, and how to live by the natural laws of life.

Here’s a little preview:

1. Start by Plugging In

If you feel like you’ve been on the outside looking in, that’s about to change.

As Ian explains, generosity connects you to the Flow of life.

The Today Show segment above highlights Spiritual Gangster’s dedication to giving. They donate a meal for every item purchased, over 5 million meals donated in 2016!

For anyone who feels like something is missing, or like your business is not quite where you want it to be…

…your answer is not necessarily putting in more hours at the office or hoping to run into that “breakthrough” at a networking event. That’s thinking small.

The quantum leap comes in giving more of yourself.

One of Ian’s teachers, Geshe Michael Roach, teaches that if you are lonely, don’t go to a bar to meet someone.

Go to an old age home. Not because you want to date an elderly person, but because they are the loneliest people who are most in need of love.

2.  Don’t Think. Just Give.

Generosity is counterintuitive.

How can you give if you’re not sure you have enough?

Whether it’s love, or time, or money, we are told to be cautious, efficient, conservative.

Here’s what Ian tells me when I express caution and hold back.

“Generosity is not an intellectual exercise.”

It doesn’t work until you practice it.

Stop thinking. Start giving.

It’s not always about money.

Give time. Give advice. Give love. Initiate the flow of all good things.

3. Steady Yourself 

This is the toughest part for me, and why I’m most excited to have Ian lead part of the six month journey, At One, At Last.

When you get nervous, worried, stressed, you cut off your connection to the Flow.

“If you grasp something and squeeze it tight, it eludes you. But if you relax and open your hand, it is yours.”

There are a million people out there advising you on how to squeeze tighter, work smarter, save,  invest, optimize.

But very few will tell you…

If you want to drink the best wine, ski the best mountains, live the most wonderful life you can possibly imagine, then give from the depth of your being….to the soul of the world.

When you do that, you will receive everything you have the audacity to dream of.


It’s easy to finish reading the above, nod your head, and move on to the rest of your day.

To really expand your capacity for the flow of love, energy, and all good things, it takes daily practice. Open yourself a little more each day.

Ian will guide you over 66 days in March, April, and May on installing the habit of generosity. By the end, you will be the most generous person you’ve ever known.

It’s all part of my 2017 program that brings your business, health and relationships into alignment so that you feel AT ONE, AT LAST.

Early registration ends this Sunday, December 18.



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