60,000 Rabid New Yorkers…and Me


On Tuesday I took a little adventure to the baseball playoffs. Being that I’m a Dodger fan, I was excited to see them play the New York Mets at Citi Field in Queens.

I decided to attend this event with my very best friend…me, myself, and I. (Don’t know the dude in the picture)

I’m from LA and west coast sports fans are passionate. But it’s different on the East Coast. Here, they are, well…PSYCHO.

I’d been warned by my father to “be careful and not get punched in the face” by angry Mets fans. It’s not that I’d been punched in the face before but there were not many Dodgers fans at this game and I guess parents still worry about their kids, even when their kids are…ah…42.

After arriving at the stadium, someone at the bar bought me a pre-game shot (which probably cost $18) and I thought, “These Mets fans are not so bad.” Of course, I didn’t let him know i was rooting for the Dodgers..until after I drank the shot.

I sat down in my seat and wished the Mets fan next to me, “Good luck.” Once he found out my allegiance, he told everyone around us they were sitting near a Dodger fan. They let me hear it!!! But it was all in good fun. This is New York, not Boston, where things might have been a bit more dangerous.

The thunder and energy in the stadium reminded me of being at a tiny arena for a basketball game, let alone an outdoor stadium with 60,000 baseball fans!

A recent New York Times article compared Mets fans to Grateful Dead fans. They never know what they’re going to see on any given day. And on this given day, the Dodgers took a quick lead and drained the thunder. But Mets fans were on their feet any chance they got!

There’s something happening in baseball right now that transcends sport.

These teams like the Mets, Cubs, Blue Jays, and Royals are exceptionally young. And they are bringing a 1-2 punch that has been known to transform not just teams, but businesses, families, individuals, everyone.

1. They are playing with HEART

2. They are having FUN

Is there anything more awesome than that?! When you turn on the TV and see these teams’ crazy passion spreading across entire cities like Chicago and New York, how can you not watch?!

How many of us have lost that fire? How many of us have faint recollections of the fire…but are not quite sure how to get it back?

I thought about this and I’m not sure I’ve ever lived with intense passion for a sustained period. Not many people do. But how might that change things?

One thing I do know is…

If you want that passion, surround yourself with people who live with it each and everyday. If you don’t know such people, you can find it it in books, interviews. Listen to it. Watch it. Consume it.

For instance, I always see books in airport stores by this author John Maxwell. I’ve never bought one. They look like pages of platitudes.

Then I heard John Maxwell give an interview. This is a guy who cuts deep and wakes you up!

He said things like:

“Success means the people who are closest to you and know you the best…love and respect you the most. But if the masses love you but the people who are closest to you do not love and respect you, there’s a character flaw.”

“Significance is very different from success. Significance means that you are adding value to others lives. Once you taste significance, you won’t care about success anymore.”

“I don’t care about goals. I care about growth. People reach goals and have a party and go stagnant for 3 months. Growth is forever.”

When someone is living with heart, whether a speaker, teacher, co-worker, or a 20 year old kid throwing 100mph heat …you feel it!

After attending the game on Tuesday and listening to John Maxwell and being around my 10 month old whose mind is a blank slate on which I hope to leave a positive (and now passionate) impression….

…I want to say to you today…


You don’t have to ever watch an October baseball game to know the feeling…

But it wouldn’t hurt.

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