Is some part of you just a little numb to life, work, relationships, routines?

I invite you on a six month journey to, once and for all, shake free from the boredom and grab hold of something pulsing, colorful, meaningful, ALIVE.


Each day for the next six months, you will receive a daily meditation. This is unique from all the meditation apps out there because I create a new meditation for you…every…single…day. Let’s uncover those parts of life that are so engrained in your daily routine, you don’t even notice. I will ask you to begin with the simple prayer: “Please God, Wake Me Up.”  “What do I need to know that I’m not picking up on?” “How am I asleep in my life?” “What parts of my potential lie dormant and how can I unleash them?”


Each day, I’ll share with you a story, some inspiration, and together we will take a moment to let our minds settle and reframe what it means to feel awake, alive, and healthy. The Navajo word for “health” is HOZHO. That is also the word for truth, beauty, balance, and harmony. If you begin  each day focused on truth, beauty, balance, and harmony…that’s a lot more powerful than starting each day focused on emails, your busy agenda, errands, bills, and everything else staring down the pike. There’s a more peaceful way to live, and it begins with how you wake up and start each day.

My new book, Life Lessons of the Oldest and Wisest, launches in November. It features two years of research listening to the stories of those in their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s. One of the most common message from the elders: “If only I knew back then, what I know now.” Are you headed down the path of making that same mistake? Are you burying your head in your work or your parenting, grinding it out all day long? Will you be kicking yourself for not having woken up from the stupor to appreciate your kids, your health, nature, all the good stuff that is right in front of you this very moment? Instead of coming to your senses at some point in the future, how about waking up…NOW.

The alternative to this meditation series is slipping back into the cadence of your daily routines, emails, errands, meetings, getting the kids to school, practice, parties, putting your head on the pillow to go to sleep, and struggling to remember a single significant moment from the day gonebyHow many days from the first six months of 2018 do you actually remember? This is an invitation to choose a different approach to life, to develop a new habit where you come to each day and it’s not about checking off the boxes and getting to the finish line, but shifting your focus to the truth, beauty, balance, and harmony always available to you.



This is an investment in your peace of mind. Your investment is $497 or less than a fancy cup of coffee each day.



“I look forward to waking up to the stories, messages, and the process of centering myself for the day. I can honestly share that this journey is making a difference in my life – shaping a calmer, more centered and loving me!”
Adam, Denver, Colorado
“This has been one of my best meditation experiences. If I miss a day for some reason, my day just isn’t the same. I look forward to continuing to grow and change as I am filled with positive energy each morning”
Lauren, Santa Fe, New Mexico
“Dave’s style makes meditation more accessible to those who might shy away.”
Benji, Atlanta, GA
“I love the messages and the stories Dave highlights to give us a focus for the day. I appreciate that he uses his own experiences as an example that he is in this with us, sharing his vulnerabilities and reminding us: this is a practice”
Anka, Los Angeles, CA


Why is this worth it?

This program includes six months of daily meditations that I create for you each and every day. The content you will receive each morning is fresh, deeply connected to what’s going on in the world, and creates for you a way to truly integrate into your life not just a renewed connection to yourself and others, but also peace of mind, stress-relief, better sleep, enhanced focus and all the other benefits of a meditation practice. WAKE ME UP delivers it to you in a format that works for your busy schedule. It’s 10 minutes a day, taught to you slowly over the course of six months.

Why is this different from all the other meditation stuff out there?

The content on the various meditation apps was recorded months (if not years) ago and is mostly technique-driven. The meditation content you will receive in WAKE ME UP will be recorded the day before you hear it. It will fuse ancient wisdom and modern science with what’s going on in the world right now so that the program and daily meditations feel evergeen, relevant, and deeply accessible. Additionally, the program will teach you tools and techniques to help you work through stress, sleep better, improve your focus, be present when you need to be present, and reconnect to nature, your instincts, and the bigger picture.

How will I feel when it’s finished?

You will feel like there is something every day to appreciate and savor and share. While some days are better than others, every day counts and this attitude is contagious to your family, co-workers, friends, everyone!

I need to justify the cost of this program.

This program includes a 1 on 1 conversation with me, where we will personalize the program to your personal goals and challenges.

Additionally, you can share this program with 1 other person, so it’s 2 for the price of 1. Upon signing up, just let me know who you’d like to gift it to and I’ll make sure they know about your generous invitaiton.
The cost spread across 6 months is $2.75 each day which is the cost of cup of coffee. Can you commit $2.75 each day to your peace of mind, and a promise to yourself to shift away from the busyness and toward a healthier way of life?

Is there any personal, 1 on 1 attention in this program?

Yes. You will have a 1 on 1 session over the course of this program. I will check in with you to see how your journey is going, and how to better personalize the experience for your particular desires and focus.

Is this going to be too woo-woo? I need to be able to apply this program to my life and my business.

The advice will be “down-to-earth” literally and will give you a lighthearted, relatable, daily way to practice getting grounded, reconnecting with yourself, and finding your center. The daily meditations will be short and the to the point, but help you commit to finding a moment each day to clear your mind and start fresh.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you can answer the question, “Am I sometimes numb or bored and just going through the motions of work, marriage, life” with a resounding NO, than save your money. This program is not for you. But if you feel like far too much of your time is spent on auto-pilot, enmeshed in the same ol same ol, this program will help you create a habit of WAKING UP to all that is worth waking up to…every…single…day!

What if I sign up and don’t like it?

After 30 days if you don’t like the experience, I will refund you in full. But give it a full month of commitment and see if you are drawn by the momentum toward something fresh, clean, pure.

Dave, I have more questions.

Reach out to me, and ask me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I trust you?

I’ve been in wellness for 20+ years. As a father of a three year old and a 1 year old, I am fully engaged in making this a better world.


This is an investment in your peace of mind. Your investment is $497 or less than a fancy cup of coffee each day.




Give it a try for 30 days. If you are not satisfied after the first 30 days, I will refund you in full.