Potential is BS. Only Love is Real


Last week, I was on a pre-dawn taxi ride my from hotel on the big island of Hawaii to the airport in Kona.

I sipped on a delicious cup of Kona coffee.

It was pitch black outside at 4:30am.

A warm tropical wind blew through the open windows.

Hawaii just has a sweet scent that overcomes you.

I felt the most wonderful sense of peace and love.

I kept saying to myself, “I gotta keep this feeling with me when I get home. It feels so good.”

And then I started asking, praying, “God, how do I keep this feeling with me?”

I got on the plane for my connecting flight from Kona to Honolulu.

This lady sits down next to me and she is accompanied by a very big dog.

As I stand up to let the lady and her dog shuffle into their seat by the window…

…the dog jumped onto my seat and lay down.

The lady had to nudge her dog down into the tiny area by her feet.

This lady was so nice and so concerned that I would be annoyed with her dog.

The flight attendant came over to oversee this arrangement.

Passengers all around us were trying to figure out if I was going to object.

But this dog was special. It put its head on my lap and kissed my hand and kept trying to jump up onto me.

I mean… I had no leg room at all. No room to move. And I am NOT a dog person.

But this was the Answer to my Question, “How do I keep this peace?”

We place such a value on “space” in terms of leg room, or the space of a home and yard.

But more valuable is how much space you hold in your heart, how much capacity you have for love however it presents itself.

Marianne Williamson writes that there is a huge difference between capacity and potential.

“Potential can be dangerous. We can use it to measure ourselves against what we think we could be instead of what we are.

“Capacity is expressed in the present, It is immediate.”

If you want more peace, more love, recognize they are always there.

It may not what you expect, or what you were planning, but the peace and love are right in front of you.

You always have the capacity to turn ON to the power of THIS moment.

And for the remainder of that flight, I so enjoyed the company of this furry creature, which was way more awesome than having 3 inches of legroom and a dirty table on which to put my computer and coffee.

But the answer to that question, “How do I keep this feeling?” was not complete.

Yesterday, I interviewed a 93 year old woman on the phone for my new book about the lessons and wisdom of the oldest and wisest.

We had a moment where I asked her for a photo. She doesn’t use email so she couldn’t send me a photo right then in the moment.

She said, “I can send you a photo in the mail.”

But why wait for days when we are used to getting a photo emailed in a matter of seconds?

I replied said, “Can you write down my email address and give it to someone who can email me a photo?”

It took 5 minutes to spell out my email address for her.

I was getting frustrated. She was getting frustrated.

We got snagged on my trying to explain “the aphrosand” or @ symbol between “yeahdave” and “mac.com”

And then I just started laughing.

She said, “What’s so funny?”

I replied, “Email is just a generational thing.”

She quipped, “I know. I’m an old fart.”

We are 50 years apart in age, but in that moment, she felt like one of my very best friends.

My generation is so focused on efficiency and convenience.

We want peace and love and wisdom, but it better fit into our schedule and it better be 2 minutes or less and “can you just text or email it to me so I can watch it on my plane flight when I have a little down time?”

As I’m learning, the universe doesn’t care how busy we are and the universe is not going to fit into our schedule and the universe doesn’t always answer our prayers in glossy self-help books.

Back to that question I asked in Hawaii: “God, how do I keep this feeling with me?

If you want peace and love, if you REALLY want it, open your eyes and heart.

Potential is bullshit.

Only love is real. And it’s happening NOW.



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