The Secret to Resilience


If you are enduring something today…

….this story will help you in a big and beautiful way. It is the secret to resilience.

Yesterday, I was working out at the gym. I glimpsed up at the TV’s, ready to half-heartedly watch another story about Tom Brady deflating footballs or somebody signing a $100 million contract.

But there was another kind of story on Sportscenter. Something that actually made me cry. It’s a story about an athlete in the Special Olympics World Games. His name is Chevi Peters.

Like many Special Olympic athletes, Chevi’s life is fraught with challenges. Just to put things in perspective:

  • He was born with biliary atresia, a disease that damages the liver in newborns
  • His parents were told by doctors that he would probably die of liver cirrhosis at the age of 1.
  • To be eligible for a liver transplant, he had to live to 2 and reach 15 pounds — and he only barely made it.
  • He had his first stroke at age 5 and his second stroke at age 9, that one putting him in a coma for 16 days.
  • His brain operation came next. The whole ordeal left him with a neurological deficit.
  • In 2006 his kidney failed and he needed a transplant.

But despite all the hardship, Chevi Peters always thought of himself as a jock.

As ESPN reported, “In his dreams, [Chevi] was a firefighter, a ladies’ man, a halfback, an Adonis. But those dreams couldn’t possibly come true, not when he was stiff-legged, the butt of jokes.”

Maybe you can relate? Maybe there is some part of you deep down that has not yet found its form. But it’s still in you..your Adonis, your hero, your success story is very much a part of you, however buried it might be under all your burdens.

So Chevi Peters did something to inspire the untapped potential in everyone. He found a coach and started weightlifting. It took him 14 months to power lift 150 pounds.

But he was completely dedicated. His coach called him “Manimal.” There was a kind of ferocity in Chevi Peters. After all he’d been through, he could handle whatever challenge came his way.

He worked his way up to lifting to 350 pounds before arriving in Los Angeles for the Special Olympics World Games…


I have a new tech-passion: to livestream video from my roof in NYC on an app called Periscope.

IMG_8832I recently filmed my view of a sparkling summer morning set against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

People tuned in from all over the world to watch the live video. There were people watching from Turkey, Israel, Canada, Italy, Australia.

Many of them commented on how boring life is in their town and how much they would LOVE to live in New York City. People in seemingly exotic PARIS…even wanted “out” of their circumstances.

Almost everyone I know wants “out” of something.

Out of a relationship.
Out of a job or career.
Out of the city they live in.
Out of a health predicament.

But then you look at a guy like Chevi Peters. One can only imagine how much he wanted out.

In fact, Chevi wanted out so badly one night he drove his car into opposing traffic. By the grace of God, he was ok.

Chevi clawed his way back. He figured out a secret to the human experience that has propelled him into glory. He accepted and embraced his circumstances.

Today, whatever you are facing…can you come to it differently?

Usually these wellness blogs are soft and sweet. But after hearing the story of Chevi Peters one remembers…Sometimes you need to be ferocious in the way you run TO life…instead of running from life (CLICK TO TWEET).

Oh, and by the way, in last week’s Special Olympic World Games, Chevi Peters won the the Gold Medal for combined strength!

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