Superhero Moms and Grandmas


“I love you all.”

Those were the last words of Helen Parr when, surrounded by many of her 10 children, took her last breath this past Saturday. She was 90 years old.

When I told my wife I wanted to write about her grandma, she said, “I don’t think people want to read about death.”

But this is not about death.

There’s something about that generation, often called The Greatest Generation.

They came well before technology, and seem to have had a closer connection to what it meant to suffer, and struggle, and most importantly, what it meant to love.

I am particularly fascinated and touched by Grandama Parr and all those from The Greatest Generation.

In today’s scattered and distracted world, it’s hard enough to find the time and love for 2 people.

Yet Grandma Parr always had time and love for her 9 children, and 19 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

When my wife called, her Grandma Parr answered.

On the few times I had to spend time with her, Grandma Parr was deeply present with me.

In her last moment surrounded by family, Grandma Parr didn’t fade, she spoke.

“I love you all.”

And so goes today’s mantra:




It is not just the most powerful word in the universe, it is medicine for our modern souls.

A sacred text reads, “And what you call with love will come to you. Love always answers.”

In other words, when you pray with anxiety, or hope with worry, or dream with fear…it’s just noise.

But pray with love, hope with love, dream with love, and you align with the greatest force in the Universe.

To anyone out there today who feels like they don’t have enough of something, instead of bemoaning, “I need more to pay my bills”…

…say “With passion and love, I am unstoppable and invincible.”

To anyone out there today who feels like they are facing an impossible hurdle with career or health or taxes, instead of complaining, “How am I gonna possibly handle this?”

…say “When push comes to shove, I trust in love.”

To anyone out there who’s just having a lousy day, instead of grinding deeper…

…shine brighter.

I would like to dedicate today to the memory of a great American matriarch, Helen Parr, and all those legendary moms of generations past and present (YES that means YOU).

Good times or bad, YOU teach us that love unites, love heals, and love wins…again and again and again.

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