The Hidden Gurus


There are the famous “gurus.” They write the books, they give the speeches, they talk the talk…and sometimes walk the walk. Wayne Dyer. Deepak. Carolyn Myss. You know the names.

And then, there are the gurus hidden in the shadows. Those with the true wisdom are not likely to flaunt it. You have to ask to bring it out of them.

You won’t find these hidden gurus on your social media feed, or in a recommended book on Amazon, or in your yoga teacher’s latest message.

Some families have one, maybe two of them… if you’re lucky.

So who are they?

They are the elderly living among us.

You pass them on the street. You see them during weekly services at church or temple. You drive by them in your car as they putz along.

This past week I interviewed a few elderly gurus. Their stories touched on it all: pain and loss, regret and sadness, confidence and triumph.

One of them was diagnosed with cancer, recovered, then diagnosed again with another form cancer…and recovered again. And she used this as fuel – dedicating herself to helping others overcome cancer.

Another was a POW during Israel’s War of Independence. She was wounded, captured, tortured, and starved in heat that she described as “200 degrees!”

She called it a miracle that she survived, a miracle that she attributes to HOPE.

There was one common thread to these conversations:

Don’t wait for the universe to drop a brick wall on you in order to wake up and live an impassioned life.

These true gurus, our elderly citizens, are all around you.

They so badly want to tell you their stories, share their wisdom…so they can provide you with solace, inspiration, and healing.

But these people are in the twilight of their lives.

And many of them are alone, having exhausted their resources. They are struggling through their final years, when they should be surrounded by love.

We need their wisdom. They need our love.

As Andy Rooney says, “The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.”

There’s a charity that searches out the elderly falling between the cracks of society.

It’s called Search and Care and they give the elderly the support and companionship to live the rest of their lives in dignity, comfort, and peace.


I’m collaborating with Search and Care to present a seven day program (November 20-27) in which seven of the elderly people they support will share their wisdom, lessons, and hope for YOU, the younger generation.

This is a special program unlike any I have done before…with all the proceeds being donated to Search and Care.

These proceeds will help the elderly in need to keep their lights on at night, heat on in the winter, and food stocked in their refrigerators.

Please forward this to family and friends, and together let’s help the elderly in need.

This seven day program begins on November 20.

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Dave Romanelli


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