The Words that Conquer Stress

On Saturday night…

I went so far as to attach this note to the elevator in my apartment building in NYC… for all my neighbors to see.

It read:

Neighbors: Whoever is smoking pot and blowing it in the vents, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. We have a small baby breathing in your pot smoke. Thanks for caring about not damaging his memory before he can even have something to remember.

I used to despise THAT GUY who went around screaming at everyone for having too much fun.

I am now…THAT GUY.

But this was the weird part.

As the pot smoke started seeping into the vents of my apartment at 11pm…

I was lying on the couch watching the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary concert on pay-per view.

There was probably not a single place on the entire planet at that moment in time where more marijuana was being smoked than that stadium in San Francisco where the Grateful Dead were performing.

And I was complaining about pot smoke in my apartment?!

But it’s not just the smoke…the girl upstairs was stomping around in high heels along with everyone else at her party. I went upstairs and asked her to PLEASE BE QUIET.

And just as I settled back on the couch, the people downstairs were blasting music and gearing up for their big night out.

I ran downstairs and pleaded for them to TURN IT DOWN.

Hey…when you have a 7 month old baby sleeping peacefully, the last thing you want is for that baby to be breathing secondhand pot smoke and to be awakened by the BOOM BOOM BOOM of drums and bass!

I was outnumbered by people having fun. Not to mention…there I was…watching on TV: people having fun.


There’s something in the stars right now. Maybe you too have felt it? If you haven’t answered your wakeup call, surely you’ve heard it ringing…persistenly ringing.

Almost every single person I know is going through something very significant: whether it is moving homes, or sifting through the next steps in a business, or figuring out the fate of a relationship, or dealing with a health blow…

Know that you are not alone. We are all feeling stress. And we all need some stress relief.

Something happening out there (and in there) is very uncomfortable.

And it’s all happening for a reason.

The times might be darker than you would prefer, but as The Grateful Dead sing, “Sometimes the light’s all shining on me, other times I can barely see..”

Those lyrics are from the song Truckin…about the band’s long, strange trip which thankfully never ends!

As long as you keep truckin…keep going…YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.


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